New school requirements: Education secretary

Minimum standard requirements need to be observed when requesting for the registration of new schools.

Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra, issued this reminder to provincial education advisors, school inspectors, agencies, principals and stakeholders.

The Secretary warned against those that deal with vested interests and bypass the established processes and deal directly with selected officers in the General Education Services Division and other divisions to register schools.

Dr Kombra says the malpractices or deliberate ignorance of the established protocols and legitimate standards for school registration processes has caused a number of issues, including; schools not prepared for operation, teacher positions not approved and not established and schools not meeting minimum standards and compromising the quality of education.

The Secretary for Education is the only legal authority to approve the registration of schools. School registration and Compliance Committee of the Department of Education has been set up by the Secretary to provide technical and professional advice, accurate reports and appropriate recommendations.

Dr Kombra has advised that requests for school registration must be in writing to the office of the Secretary, attention to Chairman, School Registration and Compliance Committee by the Provincial Education Advisor.

The letter must contain:

  • The minute of Provincial Education Board and where applicable, provincial executive council decision
  • The request must be consistent with the Provincial Education Plan with a copy provided
  • Copy of checklist is attached to demonstrate that the school is ready for compliance check

Furthermore, reports and recommendations for school registration from any unapproved travels will not be approved by Secretary. This also includes schools that commenced without approval and registration.

“The quality of education requires schools meeting minimum standards stipulated in the National Schools Standard Policy (2018),” he stated.

“Every stakeholder’s support in compliance of standards is requested.”

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