water tanks

Water tanks for Madang school

Holy Spirit Primary in Ward 3 of Madang district, will now be able to store water for use, after receiving two new 9500L water tanks.

The water tanks were purchased by the Office of the Madang Town Mayor recently. Town mayor Peter Yalsy Masia donated the tanks after the school faced water disruptions in 2023 affecting the learning of the students.

Holy Spirit Primary School headmaster Arigini thanked Mr Masia and highlighted how water disruptions affected classes in 2023.

Water tanks for Christmas

40 tanks were delivered to the communities by the DDA in the spirit of directly supporting the communities and helping alleviate water woes.

Local Member Keith Iduhu shared that water has been, and will continue to be at the forefront of Hiri-Koiari’s development priorities.

“As the year comes to an end, HK DDA will continue our efforts to ensure that such vital initiatives continue for all levels of our district across the board.

“I thank the local leaders who supported our event and look forward to progressing this initiative in the future”, said Member Iduhu.

Relief for Motumotu

The tanks holding a capacity of 9,000 litres of water each, were unveiled in a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Central Governor Rufina Peter, Vanapa Brown Rural Local LLG President Wayne Iorive, and Rigo North Rural LLG President Duri Tom.

For many generations, the people of Vanapa Brown and surrounding communities who settled near the Brown River in the Hiri-Koiari electorate have always used the local river as a water source to drink, cook and bathe.

Niu Power Donates Water Tanks

The water tanks are from Niu Power Limited, as part of its community investment plan to help ensure that people receive necessary water supplies.

In conjunction to this donation, AA Tribal will deliver Life Skills Training.

NiuPower’s External Affairs Manager, Wellington Bellawa announced to the executives of the East Ward Development Committee that they had made changes regarding the delivery of the water tanks.

Rabaul wards receive water tanks

The women in the district were the worst affected group during volcano eruptions and had to cater for their families’ water needs, hence, the water tanks will be given to their care in the council wards.

The Rabaul District Council of Women together with Community Development Officers in the LLG is working on a list of suitable sites where the tanks will be stationed for use by women in the community.

Rabaul women have been encouraged to take ownership in taking care of the tanks and ensure all women have easy accessibility to fetching water in the wards.