Increasing bilum popularity abroad

A workshop was organized for SME bilum weavers at the Madang Club. Dr Chakriya Bowman facilitated the workshop for women, focusing on how to make a bilum more marketable and increase its demand internationally.

Dr. Bowman said that over the years the bilum industry has remarkably transformed. Bilums have been seen on magazine covers, on the runway and even on the red carpet in Hollywood.

She encouraged the women to use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to market their products and as reference for new fashion and colors, to suit every season.

For business purposes, she urged the women to work in community groups or form associations, which can have rights to use specific patterns that are unique to their communities. In addition, an association can protect their designs and name internationally by registering them as a geographic indicator.

Dr. Bowman has indicated to assist women that are interested, at no cost, to register their associations. She said she Papua New Guinean bilums can become a high yielding opportunity and gain more popularity.

This session was a hit. Women flocked in numbers, filling up the restaurant area of the Madang Club. Some had to be turned away. Dr. Bowman organized for another session the next day so that women who missed out on Saturday could attend the workshop on Sunday.

Dr. Bowman assured the women that many more trainings and sessions on life skills, business management and other trainings will be held regularly over this year.

Loop Author