Ramu NiCo

Ramu NiCo console Usino Bundi people

“The news of the sudden death is a sad tragedy,” said Ramu Nico Chairman, Wang Zhou.

The Chairman said it shocked, like it did people around the country, the company’s employees at Kurumbukari mine in the Usino Bundi District and the refinery at Basamuk.

Mr. Zhou stated that the late Jimmy Uguro committed to his district, the ministry and was always vocal about Kurumbukari landowners putting their mining royalty to good use.

Be more prepared for childbirth

Yune Kuff, mother of two, had difficulty delivering her baby. Her husband, Dau Philip, brought her to the Ramu NiCo Community Affairs office where she received help and safely delivered a baby girl.  

Mr Philip said, “Her (Yune) condition (was) normal and then got worse at night.” He said the only option was to rush to RNML Community Affairs Office for help.

Ramu NiCo’s Community Affairs Superintendent Andy Hu said the refinery has assisted in emergency cases like this on several occasions, but it is very risky.

KMHL, Ramu NiCo partners in downstream processing project

The signing was witnessed by Prime Minister James Marape, and other government leaders, including officials from Ramu NiCo and the Chinese Embassy.

The MoU signed by Kumul Minerals Holdings Ltd and Ramu NiCo marks a significant upgrade in the mutually beneficial collaboration between China and Papua New Guinea.

Chinese Ambassador to PNG, Zeng Fanhua when addressing the delegates said as a large Chinese investment local company, Ramu NiCo has the extensive experience in capital investment, project construction, and international operations in multi-metal mining.

Ramu NiCO ensures safety at mine site

The Ramu NiCO Management Ltd (MCC), operator of the Ramu Nickel and Cobalt Mine, in a media statement said due to the proximity of the Basamuk Refinery to the epicenter, a shutdown inspection has been initiated to thoroughly assess the facility for any damage or safety concerns. 

“We are relieve to report that there have been no casualties among our staff, which include PNG nationals, Chinese and other nationalities,” MCC stated. 

Women’s LO group stand out at CANCONEX

Their presentation indicated that the women were adamant about making their 1% royalty benefit count, regardless of their level of education.

The CPLWA captures women from one of four impact zones or communities located along the corridor of the Ramu Nickel and Cobalt Project operated by Ramu NiCo, in Madang Province.

Deputy General Manager of Ramu NiCo’s Community Affairs Department Albert Tobe said members of CPLWA always sought advice and mentoring from Ramu NiCo’s Community Affairs Department.

Ramu Nico participate in golf fundraiser

The teams from Ramu NiCo consist of “Team Ramu NiCo” that represented the resource developer and teams from the Land Owner Companies of the Ramu Nickel Project; Raibus Limited, Ramu Transport Service and the Basamuk Landowner Association.

Ramu NiCo Community Affairs Deputy General Manager, Albert Tobe, said Ramu NiCo was happy to help in the cause that serves the health and wellbeing of the people of Madang.

Women Group buy fourth dinghy

The purchase was made from their portion of royalty payment for 2021 which was invested for a loan with the Peoples Micro Bank in Madang.

Association Vice Chair Catherine Muniea is now encouraging other associations in the 4-project corridor to make profitable use of their yearly royalty payments.

The Coastal Pipeline Women’s Association is one, including Kurumbukari, Inland Pipeline and Basamuk of the Ramu Nickel and Cobalt Project for landowners.

Jobs For Locals

The company recruited 18 locals to run and operate Volvo Articulated Dump Truck (ADT A4OE) and four for excavator trainings from the surrounding communities in the impacted zone.

This will also provide an employment opportunity for locals to work with Ramu NiCo.

Their training started early last month and will continue, until all the apprentices fully pass the different parts to the training and are familiarized with the functions of the vehicle.

MoA serves health centres well

Community Health Worker for Ileg aid post, Gabriel Poap, is grateful for this arrangement. The aid post’s recent supply came in last Tuesday.

The assistance is part of a MoA agreement which the company signed with the receiving parties and LLG, as part of Ramu NiCo’s corporate social responsibility within impact areas.

Ramu NiCo Officers Explain DSTP

An awareness team from the nickel/cobalt mine developer, Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Limited and an officer from the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) shared this information during a DSTP awareness held at Kavailo primary school in ward seven of Karkar LLG in Sumkar district recently.

The community was told that the mine tailings from Ramu NiCo are being disposed at certain depth into the deep ocean floor through an ocean canyon or trench.