Ramu NiCo

Ramu NiCo Funds Madang PHA

The country’s first Nickel/Cobalt Mine developer continues to provide valuable assistance for the health care of the people of Madang province.

Madang Provincial Health Authority Chairman, Charles Kalana and the Chief Executive of, Fidelis Waipma received the cheque from MCC Chairman, Gao Yongxue.

Five specialized medical beds were also donated to complement the K100,000 cheque donation, specifically for treatment of COVID-19 patients at the Modilon General Hospital.

KBK Mine vegetation regeneration

This is part of land reclamation to have native plants restored after mining activities.

According to the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment Department, a team is currently involved in the Progressive Rehabilitation that includes Landform Rehabilitation and Vegetation Regeneration.

In the August 21 report the HSE Department stated that, there were plans, inspections and discussions done to actively implement the Rehabilitation Plans that were already in place in accordance to the OEMP Progressive Rehabilitation Plan and the Environment Permit WD-L3 (115).

Ramu-Nico records milestone production

At the end of February, Ramu Nico recorded 7578.10 tons of Cobalt-Nickel Hydroxide (dry basis), equating to 3008.77 tons of metallic nickel.

The milestone is attributed to historical nickel recovery rate this year from 88.175 per cent in January to 89.09 per cent in February, signifying a technical bottleneck improvement with guaranteed production stabilization in the future.

This came at a time when world nickel prices stood at US$10,920 per ton and cobalt price at US$$51,000 per ton, according to London Metal Exchange.

Ramu Nico project aiming to go global

That ‘s according to President of Ramu Nico Management Ltd. Wang Jicheng.

Jiang said the project is the biggest investment by the Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) in the Pacific and the largest overseas investment on mineral resources.

His comments were made during the Madang Investment Summit last month.

According to the Ramu Nico’s official website, Jiang said the success of Ramu NiCo was because the company took a new approach in developing and operating the project from Kurumbukari Mine to Basamuk Refinery.

Locals challenged to produce vegies to supply mine

Ramu NiCo Community Affairs supervisor at the Kurumbari Mine, Jacky Xu’ai issued the challenge recently.

He said Chinese love to have vegetables every time in their meals, therefore, local farmers must produce in abundance and sell to the catering company that is serving the mine and the refinery.

“Chinese people love greens and fruits every time in their meals so farmers must produce more and sell to the NCS-Raibus catering company that’s providing meals for the workers,” Xu’ai said.

Inspectors satisfied with visit to BSK Refinery

The purpose of the visit was mainly to inspect the refinery compliance of storage, transportation and handling of the dangerous goods like explosives and fuel, permit application and related fire-fighting systems.

The trio visited the explosive storage area, inspected the specialized vehicles used to transport explosives as well as the Basamuk Refinery heavy fuel storage area and the fuel station.

Ramu NiCo success in Madang opens pathway to go global

President of Ramu NiCo Management Ltd, Wang Jicheng announced  on Thursday,September 8when sharing his Company’s experience at the Madang Investment Summit staged at the Madang Resort Hotel. 

Wang said the success of Ramu NiCo Project is because of the fact that the company had approached a new path of development and operation from Kurumbukari Mine to Basamuk Refinery. This is different from the initial approach established by its joint-venture partner Highlands Pacific Limited in its feasibility study. 


Ramu NiCo fix section of Madang-Ramu highway

Nickel/cobalt mine developer, Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) last weekend issued the precaution as its workers began work on building concrete foundations to its slurry pipeline which runs adjacent to the main Madang-Ramu Highway 42 kilometres out of Madang town.

The work currently being carried out by the mine contractors called MCC 19 is amongst other maintenance work Ramu NiCo (MCC) has been doing as part of its community assistance work to servicing the vital road link which serves Madang to Lae and the Highlands region of good and services.

Ramu Nico chainsaw operators get certification

The operators were awarded their Level One and Level Two certificates following a training conducted by the Timber and Forestry Training College (TFTC) recently.

The eleven chainsaw operators attended a 10-day training from June 19 to 28 to recognise them as qualified chainsaw operators at a mine logging site. It is also part of the continuing efforts to improve and meet safety compliance standards set by the Mineral Resources Authority for its logging operations at the mine operated by Ramu NiCo (MCC)

Ramu Nickel forecasts technical problems

“Technically, it will be difficult to restart the operation circuit if the system is shut down for a longer period because we have debris of slurries in the holding tanks, pipes and HPAL that can be solidified and difficult to remove,” Ramu NiCo Management stated.

Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) mines inspectorate issued an order to cease HPAL (high pressure acid leach) operation at Basamuk Refinery since Friday, April 15, following the fatality of a Chinese employee and injury of two national employees at the refinery on April 12.