Kurumbukari Mine

Jobs For Locals

The company recruited 18 locals to run and operate Volvo Articulated Dump Truck (ADT A4OE) and four for excavator trainings from the surrounding communities in the impacted zone.

This will also provide an employment opportunity for locals to work with Ramu NiCo.

Their training started early last month and will continue, until all the apprentices fully pass the different parts to the training and are familiarized with the functions of the vehicle.

KBK Mine vegetation regeneration

This is part of land reclamation to have native plants restored after mining activities.

According to the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment Department, a team is currently involved in the Progressive Rehabilitation that includes Landform Rehabilitation and Vegetation Regeneration.

In the August 21 report the HSE Department stated that, there were plans, inspections and discussions done to actively implement the Rehabilitation Plans that were already in place in accordance to the OEMP Progressive Rehabilitation Plan and the Environment Permit WD-L3 (115).

Locals challenged to produce vegies to supply mine

Ramu NiCo Community Affairs supervisor at the Kurumbari Mine, Jacky Xu’ai issued the challenge recently.

He said Chinese love to have vegetables every time in their meals, therefore, local farmers must produce in abundance and sell to the catering company that is serving the mine and the refinery.

“Chinese people love greens and fruits every time in their meals so farmers must produce more and sell to the NCS-Raibus catering company that’s providing meals for the workers,” Xu’ai said.