Jobs For Locals

Communities in the impacted areas of the Ramu NiCo’s Kurumbukari Mine had were given the opportunity to undergo various trainings in the extraction process.

The company recruited 18 locals to run and operate Volvo Articulated Dump Truck (ADT A4OE) and four for excavator trainings from the surrounding communities in the impacted zone.

This will also provide an employment opportunity for locals to work with Ramu NiCo.

Their training started early last month and will continue, until all the apprentices fully pass the different parts to the training and are familiarized with the functions of the vehicle.

The 18 trainees started off with their T – 1 training at the mine pit and will continue to do their T- 2 training which includes 800 hours on the job training.

The locals selected were from the four major clans around the Kurumbukari Mine site.

Village leaders in the impacted zone of the Ramu NiCo project make recommendations for trainings and employment.

Ramu NiCo’s Kurumbukari Mine General Manager, Joseph Umare said employment opportunity for the mine is given back to the locals as priority.

“Ramu NiCo had been a major contributor of employment to landowners living in the impacted areas around the Kurumbukari Basin, especially in the Usino Bundi District and parts of Rai Coast District.

“The company recruits 90 percent of its employees from Madang Province with the remaining 10 percent from other provinces,” Umare said.

The training will qualify the locals to work in the mine’s operations after they finish their T-1 and T-2 trainings including three-month probationary period.

A proud local and trainee, Rex Minembo said, the recruits are very proud to be accepted by the company.

“We are proud to wear the company uniforms and to learn how to operate the mine truck,” Minembo added.

Heavy Equipment Operator Trainer, August Wakol said this was the biggest group of trainees compared to other trainings in the past.

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