Usino-Bundi District

Ramu NiCo console Usino Bundi people

“The news of the sudden death is a sad tragedy,” said Ramu Nico Chairman, Wang Zhou.

The Chairman said it shocked, like it did people around the country, the company’s employees at Kurumbukari mine in the Usino Bundi District and the refinery at Basamuk.

Mr. Zhou stated that the late Jimmy Uguro committed to his district, the ministry and was always vocal about Kurumbukari landowners putting their mining royalty to good use.

Luma is Usino-Bundi Acting DA

Local MP and Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro introduced Mr Luma to the people of Usino Bundi in an official introduction ceremony.

In his maiden speech, Mr. Luma vowed to work well with the people of Usino, Bundi and Gama.

“Displa em sevis em save kam olsem. Yumi ol manmeri yumi mas hamamas long displa sevis, taim yumi kisim yumi mas lukautim. Lukautim sevis na sapotim sevis. Sevis blong gavman i save takim taim tasol taim em kam, em i kam. So yumi mas hamamas na lukautim sevis blong gavam,” stated Luma.

“Kapa Senisim Morata” project continues

The program was initiated by Usino-Bundi MP and Education Minister Jimmy Uguro. This comes timely for the festive season as families of wards 17, 30 and 32 receive another batch of the roofing irons over the weekend.

The program first started in 2017 when MP Uguro took office and has vowed to transform his electorate ensuring the rollout of 24 sheets of 12ft roofing irons to each household.

The responsibility of issuing roofing irons has been delegated and coordinated by each ward council in Usino, Bundi and Gama from the collection of names of all residents.

Historical event by Ramu-Bundi mission

This is a responsibility they were not expected to shoulder.

ELCPNG Evangelism Department Head, Reverend Hans Giegere, made this statement while officially opening the 39th ELC Simbu District Women’s Conference at Karani Lutheran Mission Station in the Usino Local Level Government of Usino-Bundi district, Madang Province, on Sunday.

Rev. Giegere noted that such a district gathering is usually hosted by circuits within that district, not at a district mission field like this one.

Usino Bundi Open starts Counting

Security Contingent Commander for the district, Inspector Edward Alphonse was at the counting venue. He confirmed that counting will start today as all polling in the district are complete.

He said the counting venue will be at the Opotio Rimoru Hall at Walium Stadium. 

Commander Alphonse said security personnel have been deployed to the counting venue to ensure counting is conducted peacefully.

Incomplete Building Demolished

The structure was built using funds allocated by the government, however it was not completed and stood idle. It became an eyesore in the middle of Walium station. 

The brick structure was demolished within minutes by an excavator before the official opening of a brand new Usino-Bundi district government complex worth K2 million.
The new administration at Walium would be called UBG Haus which is the initial for the three local level governments in the district; i.e Usino, Bundi and Gama.

Bill Village Ready To Receive PM

P. M Marape would be resting at Bill village when he visits the district to officiate the opening of a new modern sports stadium and ground breaking ceremony for a new district office complex at Walium district headquarters.
Last Saturday, Education Minister and Member for Usino-Bundi, Jimmy Uguro was at Bill village where a dedication prayer was made for two newly built bungalows, a dining house and a church altar at the location before the prime minister’s visit.

Uguro Delivers Impact Projects

The impact projects included roofing iron rollout and new sawmills for the people to cut timber to build their homes.

Mr Uguro told over a thousand people who gathered that the naming of the new agriculture college after Sir Max David, was significant and honourable because it was the long-time Catholic missionary’s dream for positive changes to happen for Brahman and Bundi.