Uguro Delivers Impact Projects

Brahman Catholic Mission station in Usino-Bundi of Madang Province was host to local Member, Jimmy Uguro, when he visited to deliver several impact projects to the rural wards in the district.

The impact projects included roofing iron rollout and new sawmills for the people to cut timber to build their homes.

Mr Uguro told over a thousand people who gathered that the naming of the new agriculture college after Sir Max David, was significant and honourable because it was the long-time Catholic missionary’s dream for positive changes to happen for Brahman and Bundi.

 “Sir Max David did not just dream, but he walked the dream and built infrastructures at the mission station and changed the lives of many people who had passed out of Brahman high school as students over the years,” Mr Uguro said.

Notably, the Member was one time a student at Brahman High School, whom Sir Max David had helped to pay his school fees for him to pursue his education because he noticed potential in him as a young man.

It was a colourful event at Brahman station, which saw councils from wards 13, 16,17,18,19 and 21 converged on the mission area, where the Minister delivered roofing iron sheets for the people, under the Usino-Bundi District ‘Kapa Senisim Morota’ rollout program. He also launched a new sawmill for the rural people of Brahman in Bundi LLG.

Mr Uguro drew loud applause from the people when he announced the presentation of a brand new Toyota land cruiser vehicle for Sir Max David. The new vehicle had the inscription ‘Sir Max David Agro Technical College’ on the side in honour of the man himself.

The local people cheered and splashed flower petals as Sir Max David was presented the key to the new vehicle and did a test drive around the ceremony ground.

Mr Ugoro told the huge gathering that it was through Sir Max David that he and many others from this area had fared well in life.

His former teachers at Brahman namely, John Kari, who was one of the speakers at the ceremony and his former principal at Brahman, John Yama were there to acknowledge the minister and his entourage.



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