“Kapa Senisim Morata” project continues

The roofing iron program called “Senisim Morata” is continuing rollout for individual families in all wards in Usino-Bundi District of Madang Province.

The program was initiated by Usino-Bundi MP and Education Minister Jimmy Uguro. This comes timely for the festive season as families of wards 17, 30 and 32 receive another batch of the roofing irons over the weekend.

The program first started in 2017 when MP Uguro took office and has vowed to transform his electorate ensuring the rollout of 24 sheets of 12ft roofing irons to each household.

The responsibility of issuing roofing irons has been delegated and coordinated by each ward council in Usino, Bundi and Gama from the collection of names of all residents.

This K600,000 project has been rolled out throughout this year as well and Mr. Uguro assured those gathered that as long as he remains, all families must live in permanent houses like human beings.

“As tingting bilong kapa em i olsem, yumi olgeta mas i stap wankain. I no ken wanpla man silip long haus kapa na narapla slip olsem pik. That’s why member laikim yumi kisim equal sevis. Yu mas silip olsem man na kirap olsem man, nau yumi silip olsem pik na kirap olsem man. Nau bai yumi senisim,” stated Mr. Uguro.

He also warned council members not to charge households under this program and advised the public to report any officials who go around collecting fees as a levy for registering households under the program.

“Kapa em i free lo Usino-Bundi. Usait man em i go na askim yu long contribute na em i bai givim yu kappa o memba bai givim yu kapa, em i giaman toktok. Yu ripotim displa man i go long polis,” clarified the member.

Uguro also presented two new vehicles to assist the SME Financial Literacy Training and Cocoa Project Development respectively during his visit.

He also attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new self-contained police units to be built at Usino and Walium Government stations.

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