Jimmy Uguro

Uguro Envisions University In Usino-Bundi

He made a public announcement in the district during a reconciliation ceremony between students, teachers and the local communities at Brahman recently.
Uguro told hundreds of people gathered at the reconciliation ceremony that he is not wasting his time by putting up seven new high schools and an agri-technical college in Usino-Bundi district but plans for a university.
“I have a dream for Usino-Bundi. I have a dream that one day Usino-Bundi would take up a university on behalf of Madang Province,” he said.

Uguro Visit Burnt Down School

On a visit to the school yesterday, Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong accompanied Minister Uguro to the site where the school was burnt down three weeks ago.

Minister Uguro condemned the actions of those perpetrators in the community in burning down the school building.

He said this is not the solution to any problem and this ill behaviour must stop.

The Minister said communities must take ownership of school infrastructure such as classrooms, teacher’s houses, students, water tanks, power and refrain from burning them down.

“Impose Project Fees But Don’t Overcharge”

Minister Uguro made this clarification in the floor of Parliament after Member for Moresby Northeast John Kaupa raised the issue on charging of project fees. Minister Uguro also warned that ‘those who are caught overcharging fees will be dealt with accordingly. School Principals and teachers if found doing this will be removed from their jobs."

The Minister added that directives were issued to the Teaching Service Commission to conduct investigation into schools illegally over charging project fees to the students.

Uguro Clarifies Project Purpose

He said it is service delivery that the government is embarking on and emphasised that no one must play politics on projects.

"Projects are ongoing and will be completed as per schedule. Projects should not be measured as incomplete but should be classified as ongoing," Uguro told this newsroom.

He added that project must not be measured with election. Uguro further explained that genuine projects required time to complete and election is the process, which can be used to re-elect or elect genuine leaders to continue and complete projects.  

Uguro Delivers Impact Projects

The impact projects included roofing iron rollout and new sawmills for the people to cut timber to build their homes.

Mr Uguro told over a thousand people who gathered that the naming of the new agriculture college after Sir Max David, was significant and honourable because it was the long-time Catholic missionary’s dream for positive changes to happen for Brahman and Bundi.

Uguro aims to transform Usino

Local MP and Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro, is making his vision of service delivery become reality for his people.

He said, “We are now rolling out district rural electrification program, roofing iron distributed to people in the district, upgrade and maintenance of various hospitals and other projects that will transform the lives of my people.”

Uguro also mentioned that the district will be receiving the Prime Minister and his delegation this December, to officially open the state-of-the-art stadium.

Uguro Highlights Education Challenges

Minister for Education, Jimmy Uguro made this known when presenting the Education Department’s 2020 Annual Report in the recent Parliament session.

He mentioned that the department’s main challenge over the next 10 years is to ensure that all children complete 13 years of relevant quality basic education.

Government releases K123m education subsidy

Minister for Education, Jimmy Uguro confirmed this whilst in Kimbe, West New Britain recently.

He said the Government is committed in subsidizing school subsidies across the country with funds earmarked for the second quarter ready to be rolled out across the country.

More than K100 million has been approved by the NEC for the second quarter.

Minister Uguro also encouraged schools to continue to accept students and not to charge any fees.

However, project fees can be paid depending on the decision by the Provincial Education Board.

Kapavore calls for Political harmony

He said this when calling Provincial Administrations and Open MP’s to follow legislation when appointing District Administrators.

Kapavore said he has received letters of complaints from Open MP’s regarding the manner in which some of their District Administrators were treated by Provincial Administrators.

Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, sought clarification from Minister Kapavore on the process of appointing District Administrators.

He said in some cases Provincial Administrators were appointing District Administrators without consultation with Open MP’s

Expat alleged to be leaking MRA info

This was raised by Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, in Parliament on Thursday (August 30th), who asked the Mining Minister if he was aware of the alleged activity.

The Usino-Bundi MP alleges that the actions of the expatriate are delaying mining projects.

He added that the same individual was also awarded a work permit while he was still in the country.

“Is the Minister aware that there are some state highly confidential data and information being disclosed to mining companies by an expatriate working in a senior position in MRA?