Ganim report implementation progresses well

However, it should have been better with the outstanding funding of K7.826 million was given by the Government.

Teaching Service Commission Chairman, Baran Sori who is also the Chairman of the implementation taskforce said one of the biggest task that has now been complete was a data base for teachers.

He said having the correct knowledge of teachers’ recruitment and postings in a given calendar year was very important for Waigani to plan, administer and manage the 57,000 teacher workforce in the country.

Teachers nationwide get paid

Following the notice yesterday (Thursday) by acting secretary for Education Dr Uke Kombra, teachers confirmed that they received their pay.

Kombra had advised that due to technical problems with the Alesco HRIS, this has affected the processing of salaries for teachers nationwide and the public servants paid under the Education Payroll.

The Payroll Division processed the salaries manually and submitted the payroll files to the Department of Finance to send to the commercial banks.

Tech problems blamed for teacher pay woes

“The Alesco HRIS went down on February 6 and since then our Payroll Division has been working around the clock and in close consultation with the Department of Finance Payroll Support Division in an effort to rectify the problem in time to process the salaries but that has not been possible,” said Kombra.

 Kombra added that instead of letting public servants and teachers go without pay, the Payroll Division has processed the salaries manually and submitted the payroll files to the Department of Finance to send to the commercial banks.

Teachers encouraged to focus on values

Teaching Service Commission chairman Baran Sori said teachers need to re-focus to help and mold students to become good citizens.

This must be done through teaching and the way they conduct themselves in the school and community as role models for students to emulate.

Sori urged the 52 000 teachers nationwide to make a small positive impact on a student or group of students in your school.

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Kokoda rape suspects arrive, escorted away


The three suspects into the Kokoda attack landed about an hour ago and were whisked away by police.

PM condemns attacks in Jakarta


Education report recommendations yet to be implemented

The findings of the Parliamentary Referral Committee on Education were presented in a Report to Parliament on August 26, 2014 by Wabag MP Robert Ganim and approved by Parliament. 

It said every year teachers raised concerns over non-payment and underpayment of salaries, allowances and experienced  lengthy delays in the payment of entitlements.

The recommendations are:

1. That immediate reviews be conducted into the DoE and the TSC.

Teaching jobs hard to fill in Cook Islands

Twenty two positions are currently being advertised including five jobs for principals and eight jobs at the main secondary school Tereora College.

There are also seven other vacancies at primary and secondary schools in the country.

A Director of Human Resources with the government Terry Utaga says an example of the problem is the field of accounting where potential applicants for an accounting teacher job prefer to stick to higher paying jobs outside teaching.