Balimo College Empowers Future Teachers

Balimo College, a rapidly expanding Teachers College, opened its doors to the community last week for an enlightening open day.

The event showcased the transformative changes happening within the institution and highlighted its significant impact on the dreams and aspirations of individuals from all walks of life.

Kusala Sawa, a parent attending the open day, expressed her excitement, stating, "Balimo College has resurrected a lot of dreams for the old and young alike. I see a changed attitude toward life in the young people attending." Sawa's words echoed the sentiments of a community experiencing the profound transformation brought about by the college.

Supported by PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd. (SDP), in collaboration with KTF and Western Sydney University, Balimo Teachers College stands as a thriving educational facility in Western Province. The college offers high-quality education and training to the next generation of teachers, shaping a brighter future.

During the open day, attendees had the opportunity to participate in demonstration lessons, witness presentations by current students, explore the campus through guided tours, and listen to inspiring speeches. John Wylie, the Managing Director & CEO of PNG SDP, shared his vision for education, while Dr. Gen Nelson, CEO of KTF, ignited the audience with her passion for empowering students. Charlie Buia, the Principal Education Advisor for Western Province, shed light on the importance of collaboration in elevating educational standards.

Loop Author