In-service vital for development

With start of Term 3 rolling in next week, pressure is on for teachers nationwide to prepare all Grade 9s this year to sit for exams next year under the Standard Based Curriculum (SBC).

In Madang, Tusbab Secondary School has taken the initiative to conduct in-service for its staff, but at the same time inviting other high schools to participate as well.

During the closing ceremony, In-Service trainer Mr Kavagu, the Deputy Principal Administration, highly stressed on the uniformity of delivery within the education system, for quality results to be achieved, in this case, the roll out of SBC in term 3 for all grades 9.

According to Mr Kavagu, Madang Province has done poorly academically in the last decade, and one of the factors he distinguished was of the fact that there was no proper avenue for teachers to share ideas in enhancing learning, resulting in the collapse of performance, as projected by students.

Kavagu is confident, that with the one-week intensive In-service for all these teachers will enable the province to rise up again to set a benchmark within the top 10 performing schools in the country, as it used to in the past.

He has belief that once the SBC is rolled out effectively and competently, this should now transform into the required results anticipated, according to each subject taught in their various schools.

Principals and teachers were encouraged to pass on the knowledge gained to other participating schools, who were unable to attend due to other commitments.

Kavagu reiterating the need for constant collaboration and partnership to achieve better results for the province.

In-service coordinator of Tusbab Secondary school, Racheal Waduna was satisfied that with the turn out of the Training, stating that she believes they have achieved their outcomes as according to planned outlines of the Training.

Most participants that came, were schools in some of the remote areas of the province, who are geographically challenged, in accessing basic services to enhance teaching and learning skills.

One of them is Annaberg High School, located in the Middle Ramu area.

Principal Rachael Williams was grateful for given the opportunity to participate as they now have a fair idea on what is required of them in implementing SBC in their school.

Another remote school is St Michaels Brahman High School, situated in the Usino Bundi District. Business Studies teacher Tama Masbud, felt that coming from a remote school, it was a privilege to be able to take something positive back that would reflect in the performance of their students.

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