Keith Tangui

Retired teachers asked to be patient

Provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, made the appeal after some retirees sought support from the media regarding their repatriation and transfer of personal properties back to their home provinces.

“The division of education is working with the provincial administration and the provincial government to address the issue,” said Tangui.

“We are asking all our teachers to calm down, to wait, as professional teachers in the field. As soon as we get a good reply from the administration and provincial government, we’ll inform everybody.

No fees in Morobe: Tangui

Provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, said this directive covers elementary to secondary schools.

Late last year, he announced that all schools that come under the education department will not be charging school fees, while project fees can be collected, as per the provincial education board’s decision.

However, that decision has been amended following a directive from the Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, this morning.

Lae schools of excellence

Busu and Lae secondary will be upgraded to reflect their status.

Under the leadership of principal George Noble, Busu Secondary School has been making significant academic leaps since 2016.

Morobe’s provincial program advisor – education, Keith Tangui, acknowledged this fact, saying this was the reason why Busu secondary, along with Lae secondary, will become schools of excellence.

‘Massive increase’ in student intake expected

Morobe’s provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, said learning institutions will be exceeding their 2021 quota.

The Lae Secondary School principal, Christopher Raymond, recently revealed that he has exceeded his Grade Nine quota by 63. And that number excludes the requests from parents to make space available for their children’s transfer.

When asked to comment on the matter, Tangui said all schools around the province will be experiencing this.

Teachers resume

For Morobe, its provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, says teachers should be filling in their resumption of duty summary (RODS) forms starting on January 25th to the 29th.

Tangui stressed that teachers should be in school, considering appointments were made and endorsed by the Provincial Education Board last year. The postings were then published on November 2020 and put up at the Tutumang noticeboard as well as distributed to outside districts.

Support rural teachers: PEA

Morobe’s provincial education adviser made this comment after visiting a school in the mountains of Pindiu in Finschhafen district.

The Sassiu Primary School of the Burum-Kuat LLG serves children of the mountains of Finschhafen. There are no roads, no water supply and no electricity there.