Teachers Savings and Loan Society Ltd (TISA)

TISA pays dividends to members

Board Chairman Gabriel Tai said TISA has recorded a positive year of growth in 2022, increasing its profit by 24% and Group Assets up to 28% compared to 2021 respectively.

Speaking to media on Thursday 25th May, Board Chairman Gabriel Tai said the key drivers for these were a strong income growth, increased savings and deposits, growth in net asset positon and loan portfolio.

TISA and Oracle partnership

The partnership with the implementation partner, Profinch, is expected to provide the required impetus and support for the TISA’s roadmap and strategic endeavors.

Group CEO of TISA, Michael Koisen, stated that “it is crucial to remember that TISA’s vision statement ‘Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But for Service’ remains the cornerstone of its existence. We thrive by serving our members and that is how we have sustained our operations for the last 50 years”.