Too many loans from teachers affect pay, says Kuman

Minister for Education Nick Kuman had blamed teachers for getting too many loans, which have resulted in having their pay cut.

He made this remarks today in Parliament, while answering questions raised by Governor for Simbu, Michael Dua.

Mr Dua put the question regarding teachers’ pay cut, to the Minister responsible.

He asked the Minister for Education, Nick Kuman to simply explain why many teachers were faced with hefty pay cuts only recently.

“Many of our teachers have been experiencing pay-cuts and could not provide for their families.

“Teachers are the backbone of our nation and must be given prominence rather than cutting their pay.”

However, Minister Kuman said the Education Department had nothing to do with the teachers’ pay-cuts.

He said teachers’ were paid in full during the 3 percent increment period.

“I am not aware of any deductions that the Education Department has done to our teachers.”

The Minister then went on to blame teachers for acquiring too many loans from various loan organisations, which resulted in hefty deductions to their pay check.

“Many of our teachers have been getting loan from different loan organisations that affected their pay when the 3% pay increment ended on pay number 19.”

He further reiterated that the NEC will be deliberating on a proposal that will be submitted to allow the Government to control loan approvals from the teachers.

He said the joint agreement will involve the Departments of Treasury, Finance and Education. 

Freddy Mou