WNB hailed for clean TFF record

Officials from the Department of Education have hailed schools in West New Britain Province for keeping a clean record of the Government’s Tuition Fee Free funds.

The group, led by Deputy Secretary Titus Hatagen and other senior officials, visited schools under the TFF policy this week.

The officials visited schools around the town vicinity and the Hoskins area.

Hatagen said he was very pleased on how the TFF has been used by the schools.

He said even though funding sometimes becomes a hindrance for schools, they continue to invest in projects that aid in the children’s learning.

He added that WNB is one of the provinces that has been using the TFF accordingly to the school year calendar.

The team visited Caritas Girls High School, Hoskins Girls Technical School, Hoskins Secondary, Banaule Primary School, SBLC Primary and Poinini Technical High School.

The team did not visit the other areas because of time limitations.

Meanwhile, West New Britain Provincial Administrator Williamson Hosea has acknowledged the support from the Department of Education in schools in the province.

In a brief meeting with education officials on Monday, Hosea specifically thanked them for establishing new schools in the province.

Freddy Mou