Nakanai Candidates Present Petition

The petition highlighted the slow counting and elimination process, calling on the counting officials to step up and deliver a fair and transparent counting process.

The Provincial Returning Officer, Emily Kelton when receiving petition yesterday said in spite of this counting would go ahead. 

PP Launch In WNB

Enga Governor and leader of the People’s Party (PP), Sir Peter Ipatas arrived in Kimbe, West New Britain at the warm welcome by the people of West New Britain at the Sasindran Muthuvel Stadium.

WNB Governor, Sasindran Muthuvel and Talasea MP, Francis Manake received the Engan leader with present for the launch was Jiwaka Governor, Dr William Tongamp and other party members.

During his two-day stay in Kimbe, Governor Ipatas endorsed local businessman, Freddy Kumai for Talasea Open and Tony Puana for Kandrian-Gloucestor during the PP launch for the coming National Election.

PM’s First Official Visit To WNB

After a fruitful day of talks with landowners of Wafi-Golpu mine in Morobe Province at Mumeng yesterday, the Prime Minister is expected to arrive in Kimbe where he will be greeted and hosted at the Vogae Park with traditional singsings and school activities.

It will be there that PM Marape will have the opportunity to inform the people on progress of work on the construction of their multi-million kina WNB provincial hospital, the upgrade of Kimbe-Hoskins road, and a reply to their request to Parliament on whether Talasea can be split into two districts.

Muthuvel disappointed with 14-days lockdown

Muthuvel said they were caught off-guard and argued that the provincial leaders including other stakeholders were not consulted on the lockdown.

He added that the people who will be affected are those on holidays and students returning for 2021 school year. 

Lack of funding hampers electoral boundaries work

Minister for Provincial Affairs and Local Government Pila Niningi said just under 30 per cent of the funding allocated for electoral boundaries has been released.  

The planned split of the Talasea district in 2022 may not happen.

Ninigi said the Government had budgeted K14m for the electoral boundaries but so far only K4m had been released.

Minister Ninigi made this clarification after news of the new electorate being gazette, went viral on social media Facebook.

WNB leaders visit district

Governor Francis Maneke and Sate owned Enterprise Minister, Sasindran Muthuvel presented the boat to the people.

Located outside of Ulamona village is Lolobao island with a population of more than a thousand people.

The islanders always encounter evacuation challenges every time Mt Ulawun spews or erupts.

The presentation of a new boat by the Talasea District Development Authority will be more than helpful in their time of need.

Provincial Administrator denies claims

The complaint, made by another prominent leader of the province, came about because the provincial COVID-19 operations in the province, lacked logistics support.

The leader who wants to remain anonymous, said all the operations of COVID-19 in the Local Level Governments have come to a standstill because no vehicles to conduct the operations.

The Provincial Administrator was accused of buying a new car from the public purse, for his own use.

Walindi resort shuts down operations

Owner of Walindi Resort, Cheyne Benjamin said the resort is a tourist destination; the lockdown will greatly affect its operations.

“This isn’t only a health crisis but also a global economic crisis with tourism and airlines the most affected and that includes Walindi and other operators around the country including Air Niugini.

“Our business has never in its history faced anything like this - we have faced all sorts of challenges here - volcanoes etc but nothing like this.

Muthuvel calls for release of project funds

Muthuvel made this call, after still waiting on the government to release funds which were earmarked for projects in West New Britain.

“The bureaucratic process is a long, stringent and overwhelming procedure which will test your patience.

“It needs constant persistence, persuasion and a lot of energy, with as much support from our Provincial Administration to approve at least one major project.”

WNB celebrates Independence in style

There were floats, marches and bicycle rides around town and a joint police and Correction service parade was held and was reviewed by Governor Sasindran Muthuvel

Muthuvel, when delivering his speech urged the people of WNB to uphold the values of family and unity among themselves.

He said positive thoughts and actions will always bring out positive results.

He added that our communities have our own cultures and must be followed and respected at all times.