Second roadblock set up along highway

Earlier this morning, the Yakuman tribe dug up a section of the Highlands Highway in protest over the removal of a semitrailer that was involved in an accident, where eight young men had died.

Of the eight, six were from the Yakuman tribe, while two were from the Maini tribe of Pausa.

Locals at Pausa have now used a semitrailer to block off the highway, only allowing selected vehicles to pass.

Illegal roadblock, police officers to be disciplined

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, had issued a directive against the unauthorised setting up of roadblocks. However, 7 police officers from Gerehu disobeyed the directive during the Easter long weekend.

“Members of the public complained to me saying ‘police got money from us but never gave us the receipt’.

“So we went there and caught them.”

Upon questioning, N’Dranou said they found out that the officers themselves had decided to set up the roadblock.

Kirakira villagers block off road

The roadblock has been in place since this morning and has caused disruptions to the flow of traffic into the nearby area of Sabama leading up to the Manu Autoport area.

Police are on hand to monitor the situation as elders meet with them and Eda Ranu officials.

For now the situation is quiet with youth just diverting traffic back out from the main road area.

Metropolitan police commander, Perou N’Dranou, has indicated that mediation will be used to facilitate for a positive outcome for both parties.

More to come.

Manus refugees without supplies due to roadblock

Since yesterday, heavy vehicles have been used to barricade the road to prevent service providers from entering.

The United Nations refugee agency said the roadblock stemmed from ongoing opposition from local landowners to Australia contracting the company JDA Wokman to provide caseworker support services.

The agency said service providers had also been prevented from entering the two other refugee facilities on the island.

The Kurdish journalist and refugee Behreouz Boochani said staff from the healthcare provider IHMS have also been unable to pass the roadblock.

Roadblock leads to six arrests

There was a blockade set up by the people of Eboa village along the Hiritano Highway on Tuesday, Sept 19.

The illegal roadblock was set up in retaliation to a fight that erupted after the independence 9s rugby tournament of the Kairuku Member's cup.

The main highway was blocked off since Tuesday where the inland Mekeo villagers were not permitted to go through.

Central police commander Laimo Asi personally visited the roadblock and had it forcefully removed.

​Motorists should not be fined on the road!

The NCD Superintendent Operations Commander, Fred Tundu, says the public needs to be aware of this, especially when traveling in the evening.

There have been many instances where motorists have been ordered to pay a fine or an amount of money for a traffic offence, especially during night roadblocks.

“This is illegal,” says Tundu, who reiterated that traffic offences or other illegal activities pertaining to any form of fine should always be carried out at the Boroko Police Station only.