​Motorists should not be fined on the road!

​Motorists breaking or bending traffic rules should not be fined on the road or at any police stations except the Boroko Police Station.

The NCD Superintendent Operations Commander, Fred Tundu, says the public needs to be aware of this, especially when traveling in the evening.

There have been many instances where motorists have been ordered to pay a fine or an amount of money for a traffic offence, especially during night roadblocks.

“This is illegal,” says Tundu, who reiterated that traffic offences or other illegal activities pertaining to any form of fine should always be carried out at the Boroko Police Station only.

“There are many impersonators now, and many unsuspecting motorists are taken by surprise by these roadblocks and they are usually ordered to give amounts of monies – which is also against the law,” he says.

He adds that expatriates and women are usually their main targets.  

The superintendent operations is calling out to the public to be aware of these persons and report to their nearest police stations as soon as possible if and when they suspect things are not right.

He says they consider the safety of the travelling public however, these kind of actions need to be done away with; and in order for that to happen, there needs to be public assistance.

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Imelda Wavik