Fred Tundu

New syndicate of hijackers: Police

This was stated by NCD police boss Ben Turi and the Superintendent Operations Fred Tundu recently.

Turi said there have been many instances where vehicles were stolen in a very obvious manner. And in many instances, this was never realised until too late.

Just recently, a number of vehicles had mysteriously gone missing at a car dealer’s yard. Police say they were driven away in broad daylight by criminals who had cut keys.

Turi adds that an insider is usually involved.

A number of these vehicles have been recovered however, not after they were vandalised.

Street selling must immediately stop: Police

NCD Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu, said illegal markets like those beside the City Hall are taking advantage of the free space to sell their betelnut, cigarettes, drinks and cooked food.

He said as a lead up to the APEC meeting operations, police will not be allowing any more selling of items in public areas.

“The mount of rubbish is an eyesore; even under the Vision City overhead bridge,” Tundu says.

He adds that action will be taken starting this weekend and moving forward.

​Motorists should not be fined on the road!

The NCD Superintendent Operations Commander, Fred Tundu, says the public needs to be aware of this, especially when traveling in the evening.

There have been many instances where motorists have been ordered to pay a fine or an amount of money for a traffic offence, especially during night roadblocks.

“This is illegal,” says Tundu, who reiterated that traffic offences or other illegal activities pertaining to any form of fine should always be carried out at the Boroko Police Station only.

NCD urban safety officials not recognized by police

The Supt Ops reiterated this following much discrimination and criticism from the public after countless incidences involving the NCD urban safety officials.

 The superintendent operations said such cases were a result of Urban safety men wearing police uniforms to perform their duties; sometimes in very inappropriate ways.

Tundu said there has also been public discrimination against police, even on social media – where they are criticized for many of the actions they did not perform.

NCD police launch new Facebook page

The page is an official Facebook page approved by the Metropolitan Superintendent NCD and the Superintendent Operations NCD.

The main aim of this page is to provide effective communication between police & residence of NCD.

Other aspects of the page will be to provide security risk advice and fast response during emergency.

The page will also help police in terms of information gathering (intelligence), and over-all strengthening community based policing as well as informing the public about latest news in relation to Police.

NCD counting to start at 6pm

On the other hand, counting for North West Open is expected to commence tomorrow.

This is according to the Election Manager Alwyn Jimmy.

The message was relayed to a huge crowd, including counting officials, in front of Rita Flynn complex today by Superintendent Operations, Fred Tundu.

Tundu addressed all queries and advised counting officials to be at the venue at the given time.

They will be issued vests on shift and allowed into the venue to take their positions.

​Laufa’s autopsy set for 4.30pm

Based on the results of the post-mortem, police will determine the charges that will be laid on the suspect.

NCD superintendent of police operations, Fred Tundu, told Loop PNG that the suspect has spent the last two hours being interrogated by CID officers at Boroko.

Tundu says eyewitness statements have been collected by investigators.

He further explains that based on the outcome of the autopsy, police will determine the degree of the murder charge.