No formal complaints were received: Eda Ranu

This was the response from general manager of Eda Ranu Commercial Services, Paul Gore, following last Friday’s incident where villagers set up roadblocks in frustration of their water supply being cut off by Eda Ranu.

Gore said despite operating on a 24/7 basis, no one from the village reported the matter; hence, Eda Ranu has not registered any complaint.

Gore further stated Eda Ranu has been taken by surprise after learning the organisation was mentioned in the public demonstration.

Roadblocks to be removed

This was agreed to by parties present in a mediation dialogue between Eda Ranu and village elders, facilitated by police around lunch time today.

Villagers this morning set up the barricades in retaliation over continuous disruption and the eventual shut down of water (three weeks back) into the village. Elders asked for the water company to allow for talks to see how best to facilitate for issues raised about the water system in the village.

Communities urged to talk with police

"Use us to facilitate for issues concerning you, to find a way forward," he encourages.

His statement follows a meeting set up between frustrated Kirakira elders and Eda Ranu officials over the disconnection of water.

The villagers set up roadblocks this morning, prompting police to interfere and hold talks with them.

The villagers claimed there was no water to the village for the past three weeks as well as sporadic supply prior to this.

Village elder concerned

Councillor Arutu Bake says the roadblocks this morning were a sign of frustration not only for themselves but for their women and children.

The councillor says the meeting with the NCD metropolitan superintendent is welcomed by him and his fellow elders, who would like to see a way forward with the issue.

The elder reiterated that this situation will hopefully be resolved as soon as dialogue is undertaken from all relevant parties concerned.

Kirakira villagers block off road

The roadblock has been in place since this morning and has caused disruptions to the flow of traffic into the nearby area of Sabama leading up to the Manu Autoport area.

Police are on hand to monitor the situation as elders meet with them and Eda Ranu officials.

For now the situation is quiet with youth just diverting traffic back out from the main road area.

Metropolitan police commander, Perou N’Dranou, has indicated that mediation will be used to facilitate for a positive outcome for both parties.

More to come.