NCD Metropolitan Superintendent

Weekend marred by deaths: Sika

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Silver Sika said the first death involved a teenager whose body was found on Friday night November 10, hidden behind the grass next to Gerehu roundabout.

The other three deaths included that of a teenager at Tokarara, a person at a night club in Gordons and a suicide case at 9mile where the victim is alleged to have hanged himself.

Sika said these are self-inflicted deaths because people are moving around in wrong places at the wrong time.

Fake News Cause Of Disruption

During the declaration of John Kaupa, member for Moresby North East yesterday, Metropolitan superintendent, Gideon Ikumu was present and spoke of the issues faced during the election in Port Moresby.

He said that apart from the videos of people fighting around the country, many people used fake news to cause unnecessary stress.

Met Supt Ikumu said that many issues and fights were labeled as election-related that caused unnecessary stress

Investigation Underway Into Ethnic Clash

He said a post mortem will be conducted to find the cause of death.

According to eyewitnesses, Police while responding to the fight, opened fire on the crowd to contain the situation. They further alleged that the deceased man from Wanigela was a victim in the shooting.

The Met Sup said investigation is underway adding that those responsible for the death will face the law.

“Police officers will face the law if they caused the death,” he stated.

Stop complaining, invest in police: N’Dranou

That was from the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou during the NCD Law and Order Summit.

The police service needs to be revolutionised now, and procrastinating this will only make policing in the National Capital District worse, says N’Dranou.

No fuel in vehicles for officers to carry out policing duties has become a norm in NCD.

“Last week we had four days of no fuel. As we speak today, two police stations have no vehicles, yet they (officers) come to work getting on PMVs.

Police suggest alcohol restriction in city

Perou N’Dranou voiced his concern following the increase in alcohol-related violence, especially the two deaths that were reported during the State of Origin night, then another in the early hours of Thursday.

N’Dranou said though the three deaths were from two separate incidents, they were all linked to alcohol abuse.

“It started when people are drinking, disturb the other group then the other retaliate and then we have a tribal warfare in the city,” he stated.

Suspended police officer goes on rampage

Officers at the Gordon’s Police Station reported that they were alerted to the incident at around 11pm yesterday (June 25th).

By the time they got to the station, the scene that greeted them was one of chaos; at least three doors were forced ajar with the door knobs pulled off, chairs were strewn about and louvre blades were shattered.

“He attacked the police station and wilfully damaged the doors and all the windows in the police station. He’s now apprehended as well. And once he gets sober, he will be arrested, just like the other two.”

Maintain dress standard, police told

The NCD metropolitan superintendent once again stressed that this includes a neat and tidy appearance.

The NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, has always stressed on an immaculate appearance.

It was no different during a zone 1 parade this week, where police personnel at the Hohola station were reminded to maintain the highest standard of dressing and conduct.

“You are very important to the public,” he said. “If they see you are a disciplined, well-dressed, well-mannered officer, they will respect that and there will be no law and order problem.

NCD police Easter message

The Easter long weekend starts tomorrow and will end on Monday, April 22nd.

Whilst wishing residents a safe Easter weekend, on behalf of his 800-plus personnel, Perou N’Dranou called on city residents to focus on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

“It’s not a time for you to go partying,” he said.

“This is where we need to be mindful of the purpose of Easter. So let’s take this opportunity to come together, attend church and remember the death of Christ.

Public urged to be vigilant

However, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, would like that the public be more vigilant in preventing kidnappings.

He said the trend of reported kidnappings only picked up in 2018, and is the most important one to take note of in missing persons cases.

Chief superintendent N’Dranou called on the general public to help a person who may be in distress; whether they are being harassed or attacked in a public space.

Negligence, violence strong factors behind missing persons: Police

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said this when he met with media to help get the message out to families.

Missing persons reports have increased to 2 to 3 per month, and police in NCD are gravely concerned about this.

On Tuesday, N’Dranou told media that parents, family members and even the general public need to start protecting the vulnerable from opportunists.