Illegal roadblock, police officers to be disciplined

7 police officers will be disciplined for setting up an illegal roadblock in the nation’s capital.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, had issued a directive against the unauthorised setting up of roadblocks. However, 7 police officers from Gerehu disobeyed the directive during the Easter long weekend.

“Members of the public complained to me saying ‘police got money from us but never gave us the receipt’.

“So we went there and caught them.”

Upon questioning, N’Dranou said they found out that the officers themselves had decided to set up the roadblock.

Meantime, from that same incident, the Metsup had to remove police uniforms from 6 reservists.

“They were warned not to come to a police station again because if they do, they will be arrested.”

The requirements for a police roadblock include:

  • A roadblock has to be sanctioned by a police station commander (PSC)
  • When officers are at roadblocks, they should have a receipt book on hand

The roadblock ban is indefinite.

“It will remain until police officers start falling in line,” N’Dranou said.

Carmella Gware