Laimo Asi

Man apprehended for possession of unlicensed gun and ammunition

Central Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Laimo Asi confirmed that the man is now detained in the cell awaiting court.

PPC Asi said the man was intercepted along the Hiritano Highway by the Doa Police personnel whist traveling in a vehicle. 

Police were quick to respond to the information provided by another police unit, stopped the vehicle, searched the suspect and discovered the shotgun and bullets.

When condemning the act, Asi said the use of guns had taken lives of many people and people who want to carry guns must have it licensed.

Witnesses rounded up in Kinakon death

Central provincial police commander, Laimo Asi, said the woman was murdered – and this matter is currently under investigation as a murder case.

The body of the mother-of-two was found just after lunch yesterday.

She was identified by family members who had last seen her on Friday just before she left for a dance at a nearby outdoor club, known as the White House.

Over K96,000 worth of goods, cash stolen

Central provincial police commander, Laimo Asi, told Loop PNG that a group of armed men, numbering over 10, entered the Kupiano area using two dinghies. This was between 8.30pm and 9pm.

“They then proceeded on foot to Kupiano Station, held up our district officers and took an education vehicle,” PPC Asi said.

The group then went into the Central police station commander’s residence and ambushed him and his family.

“They fired shots at the police station commander while he was in the house with his family,” PPC Asi reported.

Central police anticipate rise in lawlessness

The Police operation is code named “Jingle Bell 2017-2018”.

However, despite its catchy name, it will see a zero tolerance on illegal activities, says Central Provincial Police Commander, Laimo Asi.

PPC Asi said 2017 has been a challenging year for policing in the province and come the festive season, lawlessness and illegal activities will no doubt escalate.

Suspect in Sogeri incident apprehended

This was revealed by Provincial Police Commander Laimo Asi this afternoon.

Police have reason to believe that the apprehended suspect is one of the men in an old man’s masks that ran towards the vehicle in an attempt to hold up a family consisting of a couple, their two children and paternal grandfather.

The family was travelling down from a sightseeing trip at Varirata, outside Port Moresby.

The whole ordeal was captured on a dashboard camera and has since gone viral on social media; even attracting international attention.

Cops arrested for illegal use of police vehicle

The arrested police personnel were paid K1000 to help ferry store goods for a Tapini businessman, but were intercepted at a police road block last week.

The Central provincial police commander, Laimo Asi, says that the police driver was arrested for illegal use of a motor vehicle and driving with an expired license.

The two other policemen caught with him at the road check on Friday have been arrested along with the driver, the three are now being detained in the cells awaiting further investigations.

Cops suspended for bribery

The Central provincial police commander, Laimo Asi, says the incident took place following a road block last week Friday at the 12mile area along the Sogeri road.

The motorists was pulled over between 5 and 6pm and detained by police after they found that he was driving an unregistered vehicle.

The driver was then taken back to the Central police station at Gordons and intimidated to pay K500 for his release.

PPC Asi says that normal process would have been to have the man arrested and charged for driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

Roadblock leads to six arrests

There was a blockade set up by the people of Eboa village along the Hiritano Highway on Tuesday, Sept 19.

The illegal roadblock was set up in retaliation to a fight that erupted after the independence 9s rugby tournament of the Kairuku Member's cup.

The main highway was blocked off since Tuesday where the inland Mekeo villagers were not permitted to go through.

Central police commander Laimo Asi personally visited the roadblock and had it forcefully removed.

Man on the run for rape

Central police commander Laimo Asi said the man reportedly followed her to the garden on the 6th of September and sexually attacked then killed her.

The man had been watching the girl the day before and had monitored her movements, leading to her attack.

PPC Asi says the girl was buried in a shallow grave near the riverside.

She was discovered by a group of youth on the 14th of September.

Police are now investigating the case, with the community asked to come forward with any information into the whereabouts of the suspect.

Dynamite decapitates fisherman

According to Central police commander, Laimo Asi, the deceased was on a fishing trip with his friends when they set off illegal faulty dynamite that didn’t explode on time.

The deceased decided to dive into the sea to check after a few minutes just as the dynamite went off; police reported that the body of the deceased drifted up minutes later, missing his head.

PPC Asi said while this is a sad situation, it could have been avoided if the men had not resorted to illegal fishing.