Gerehu 24 markets destroyed

The famous 24 hour betlenut market is one of the hot spot and the police are monitoring the area and raiding it for the third time this week.

This was a follow-up of the betlenut burn act in the city during the last NCD meeting to completely ban bettlenut markets at the bustop area and around the city streets.

Following the ban, a group of armed policeman moved in at the 24 market and chased the vendors yesterday morning before a bulldozer accompanied the team moved in and cleaned the area gathering all tables into a pile and set them on fire.

West Papuans given land in city

That piece of land is located at the back of Gerehu stage 1 along the newly opened Gerehu to Nine-Mile road.

The land allocated for the West Papua Refugees lies directly opposite the Public Servants housing project.

At least 10 hectares of land has been allocated through the help of NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

The West Papuans have welcomed the initiative, which comes at a time when many of them are being evicted from their temporary place of residents in Port Moresby.

City market cleared after ethnic clash

A Mount Hagen man is nursing stab wounds after two.Goroka men fought with him over money that he owed them.

The are now detained at the Gerehu station as police prepare charges for the two. Meantime a youth was also arrested in relation to the fight after he was caught by police while carrying a homemade pistol.

The young man, aged 18 and also from Mt Hagen, was also taken to the station for questioning.

The area is quiet with just a few market people slowly returning. The area is a popular black market for buai (betelnut) and smokes.