New fuel facility in NCD

Motorists from one of the biggest suburbs in NCD now have a new multi-million Kina fuel facility.

The service station at Gerehu is part of the Bismillah group of companies, which has now dominated shops in the Moresby North-West electorate, after buying off what used to be the TST shop.  

Amin Rahman of Bangladesh origin is a naturalised citizen who started his business 21 years ago.

His business has now flourished into the Bismillah Group of Companies, a multi-million Kina company which has ventured into various businesses.

Its latest facility, a service station, was opened last week by NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Housing Minister John Kaupa.

Rahman said the service station was built from a K10 million loan from Bank South Pacific.

He now has plans to venture into the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as real estate, among others.

Governor Parkop said the company owner’s journey should become a lesson for the city residents. 

He said the government’s aspirations on SME empowerment and growth will only be materialised fully if fiscal discipline takes centre stage in personal budgets.

Meanwhile, the governor has announced his plans to redevelop the suburb into a sub-city of its own.

Governor Parkop said the newly-sealed roads and movement of the main wharf to Motukea has made the investment climate conducive in Gerehu as it is located much closer.    

The sport and recreational area will be converted into a huge shopping mall with inbuilt sport and swimming facilities.

He said its design was already done but he was only seeking for investors to get it off the ground.

(Governor Parkop unveiling the plague of the new multi-million Kina worth fuel station at Gerehu in the presence of Housing Minister and others)

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