Attempted murder

Engan charged with attempted murder

Court documents stated that at around 7pm on 24th of November 2019, Robert Peter from Maramun, in Enga Province, attempted to kill Bere Pale Yakop with a bush knife.

Peter was arrested and charged with one count of attempted murder under section 304(a) of the PNG criminal code act chapter 262.

The incident took place at Gordon’s market in NCD when the accused allegedly cut his victim’s left leg, and then his right leg.

Police alleged that Peter later tried to chop Yakop’s head off.

Engans charged with attempted murder

Twenty-three-year-old Jacob Peter from Wakumale village and 32-year-old Max Peter – both from Enga Province – were arrested and charged with attempted murder under s.304 of the Criminal Code Act.

According to Court documents, Ezekiel Toma had an argument and later on fought with both defendants, armed with a bush knife and iron rod. The fight broke out and included relatives of the victim.

Ragga Siai files complaint with police

Gelu, known as Ragga Siai to fans, confirmed this with Loop PNG today.

He said a complaint was laid at the Boroko Police Station, last Thursday, January 4th, as soon as he arrived in Port Moresby from Rabaul.

The complaint is based on cyberbullying and attempted murder, following the physical assault perpetrated on him by the lead singer of the Wild Pack band.

“Everything is now in the hands of the police. They will commence their investigation and charge accordingly,” he said.

Police still investigating attempted murder case

The incident took place at 9-Mile this morning near McGregor Police Barracks.

Police said the cause as to why this incident took place is yet to be developed as the victim has been brought to the hospital and is currently on life support.

CID Homicide had taken on the case and will be doing their normal investigations into the cause.

NCDC Superintendent for Operations Brian Kombe said the Tari man is currently on life support at the Port Moresby General Hospital