Housing scheme for police personnel

Minister Bryan Kramer said he will discuss with cabinet to engage potential contractors to look at establishing similar housing projects as that done by Red Sea Housing at Bomana, outside Port Moresby.

Discussions have taken place also with Nambawan Super on its three to four thousand housing project, with possibility of the police department securing at least 500 for its employees.

Minister Kramer said such housing schemes are necessary in the case that a police officer retires, he may as well own the house that he has been occupying.

Private sector should drive property development: NRI

The National Research Institute program leader of property development, Dr Eugene Ezebilo, in an interview with Loop PNG said the public sector in the country is not effective enough to address the issue of housing.

“So if the private sector is allowed to drive the housing sector, then we’ll have a lot of improvements,” reiterated Dr Ezebilo.

He said in other parts of the world, the new paradigm is what is referred to as “an enabling approach.”

Housing expert to speak at POM expo

This is one of the key messages to be delivered by Andrew Avenell of Rhodes at the PNG Real Estate Show in Port Moresby on 3-4 November.
Avenell has 25 years’ experience in PNG’s construction and engineering industries and knows quality when he sees it.  
“I’ve spent my working life trying to improve product and process quality,” says Avenell, “first with our family businesses and now with Rhodes.”  

Tiny houses: but who would want them

My research to date has found a marked increase in people who want their own tiny house, particularly among older women.

Since the first tiny house groups appeared on Facebook in 2013, such groups and pages have proliferated. The original Facebook pages, such as Tiny Houses Australia, have nearly 50,000 followers.

PNG lacks housing affordability data to solve issue

The country’s think-tank National Research Institute latest report on Affordable Housing revealed that it is still unclear which households are targeted by the affordable housing program, and the roles of government housing agencies and private property developers in providing housing are not clearly de­lineated.

The Report stated that the housing prices are generally high and many people may find it difficult to meet the requirements to access the FHOS, especially the initial 10% housing loan amount as well as the 4% interest rate on the loan.

Govt withdraw from housing provision: NRI

This is one of the findings emerging from The Housing and Property Policy Development Report study launched by the National Research Institute today.

The finding is one of five to have emerged from the report, which was presented by former NRI Director, Dr. Thomas Webster and Dr. Lindsay Kutuan.

NRI Director, Dr Charles Yala, said the evidence was overwhelming in that the private sector delivered major housing projects while the public sector lagged in getting things off the ground.

NASA meets with UPNG admin on outstanding issues

The academic staff met with the UPNG vice chancellor Professor Albert Mellam to air their grievances on outstanding issues relating to their welfare.

These include housing, security, the revise calendar and their outstanding 7.5 percent payment.

NASA president Emmanuel Gorea said they are pleased in the sense of collaborating together and working together with the administration.

However, Gorea said they’re not happy with the outcome and response from the administration.

Housing: Priority for public servants

This is from Housing Minister Paul Isikiel after 63 land titles were made available to them by the Lands Department.

Isikiel says government departments are supposed to have their staff fill in application forms for homes built at Gerehu 3B and Duran farm outside of Port Moresby.

For private citizens, Isikel says application forms can be obtained at the “sales and marketing section” of the office of the National Housing Corporation.