All Political Rallies Must Be Sanctioned

That is the directive from the Highlands Eastern-end Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Rigga Neggi.

He issued this instruction, when condemning the actions of two Hagen Open electorate candidates, William Duma and James Yoka for the disruption caused to government and commercial services in the heart of Mt Hagen city on Tuesday, June 21.

Commander Neggi said the swift response of the security forces on the ground contained the situation but it could have been much worse.

Toropo’s Appeal Suspended

The recent court events were triggered by an application by Retired Major General Gilbert Toropo that saw the National Court respond by ordering a stay on the Head of State Appointment Instrument that appointed Major General Mark Goina as Commander PNGDF.

Over K500mil to renovate: PNGDF

PNGDF director engineers, Lieutenant Colonel John Giregire, made this statement after Friday’s groundbreaking ceremony of Igam Barrack’s 100-man accommodation project.

He said PNGDF facilities have been left to deteriorate over the years.

“It is an issue now,” he stated.

Climate Change A Security Challenge

The United States Army Pacific Command (USARPAC) invited Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) to co-host the Indo-Pacific Army Chiefs Conference (IPACC) in Hawaii, USA, from 13 to15 September 2021.

The topic of IPACC 2021 was “Environmental impacts on land and littoral operations.” Accordingly, PNGDF and PNG NRI collaborated and provided an overview of the security challenges amid climate change from small developing countries perspective.

Soldier in Dubai

Major Richard Elizah Selan is in charge of the movement of expo cargoes from Papua New Guinea to the United Arab Emirates and also from the expo warehouse to the PNG pavilion.

The secondment of Major Selan as the Expo Team's Logistics Officer saw the involvement of the PNG Defence Force soldiers in assembling all PNG products at the PNG Defence Force's Air Transport Wing at the Jacksons International Airport before being shipped to Dubai in July.

PM condemns actions

He has also summoned the Police Commissioner and Defence Commander to appear before him this morning at 8.30 to provide an explanation, after returning from East New Britain and hearing of the incident.

He said, "I am appalled at the news that members of our two disciplinary forces have resorted to the use of force and breaking of law to resolve a law and order issue.”

"Police and soldiers are supposed to be the most disciplined of people, yet it is very disappointing to see such breakdowns happening and continuing.

Disciplined Forces Clash

Videos circulating on the social media platform, Facebook, showed soldiers hanging onto the sides of a blue ten-seater vehicle, speeding away from the Boroko Police Station, followed by a police vehicle and personnel on foot.

Another video shows a soldier laying on the road. Reports confirmed that the soldier fell off the vehicle and was not shot, as speculated.

Business houses located within the vicinity of the commotion were forced to close their doors for fear of looting by the public.

No one shot: Wagambie

PNGDF Recruits Removed

Chief of PNGDF Training Branch, Colonel Dickers Esso, addressed the recruits at the Goldie River Training Depot. It was then that Colonel Esso announced that some recruits would be removed from training.

Colonel Esso said, as Chief of Training, he is responsible for the quality of training for all training across the PNGDF.

Esso said the Training ranch received the list from the Personal Branch. He described the list send to him as not ‘clean’ or ‘straight-forward’.

PNGDF CASA Engine Returned

In 2014, the PNGDF Casa P2-502 was due for a Major Calendar Servicing in Bandung, Indonesia. On completion of the servicing, two major issues prevented the timely return of the engine.

Firstly, due to the lack of funds available, and secondly, proper paperwork for the custom declaration was not completed with PNG Customs.

The situation remained for the last 7 years until earlier this year when the Indonesian Military and Government stepped in to assist with the return of the engine.