Lae City

Teen Killed in Lae

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said the teenager, who resided at the Bumbu settlement, joined a number of city residents at a PANGU Pati rally at the Papuan Compound field.
“On Sunday, 19th June, between 3 and 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the Lae Open candidate was hosting his usual rally, with different people going in; some were supporters, some were not genuine and some were opportunists,” said Chief Superintendent Kunyanban. 

Lae’s Miles Roads Completed

Work has also commenced into the Four-Mile road, which should be sealed in the next few months.

The Lae City Authority outlined that the Miles area had been neglected in terms of service delivery for many years by successive governments and their administrations.

“The road has been a flood waterway during rainy season, affecting the community,” said LCA.

“But through the Lae City Suburban Road Upgrade Program of the Lae City Authority, suburban roads are now given a facelift for the first time.

Tactics, Fitness Put To Test

Head coach Nicola Demaine following a number of trials featuring players from inaugural Women National Soccer League selected the 27 players. The players were flown into Lae from Port Moresby, Kimbe, Rabaul and Wewak while Lae, Madang and Ramu traveled by road.


K20m Revenue For Lae

This is a K6 million increase from this year’s K14 million.

Reforming Lae city’s public service machinery has produced outstanding results for taxpayers.

Lae MP and Lands Minister, John Rosso, said K10 million from district services improvement program funds is insufficient for a city of half-a-million people.

The best way to operate is to go back to the basic business concept of cutting your overheads and increasing your revenue.

No mountain too high

Despite not making it past Grade 6, she is living a dream that came true through sheer determination, hard work and commitment.

Young women dragged out of home

The intoxicated group, numbering over 10, attempted to rape the women at Papuan Compound in Lae.

It was the first time something like that happened to Cecilia Thomas and her husband, who have lived at Papuan Compound for over 4 decades.

They grew up there, got married and continued living there with their two children.

Thomas currently has three young women, in their early 20s, renting their rooms.

Toti City reigns supreme

The boys from Lae beat Hekari United 5-4 in a very close encounter at the Sir John Guise Stadium on Saturday.

The atmosphere was one of high with anticipation and excitement as Hekari United supporters, donned in red, occupied one area of the stands while Toti City fans, in yellow and waving Morobean flags, could be seen at every corner of the Sir John Guise Stadium.

The 2019 grand final match between the two top semiprofessional football teams had supporters on their toes as the tug of war started on the pitch a few minutes after 3pm.

New fish market for Lae

At a cost of K1.5 million, the fish market is a proper facility for artisanal fishermen to also sell their daily catch.

The crowded Lae Main Market on Friday had the bottom part of it reserved for the official opening of the new fish market. 

The new market is located right at the end corner of the main market.

Fisheries Minister and Member for Kabwum, Patrick Basa, cut the ribbon to open the doors of the fish market.

The fish market comes with an ice maker, a blast chiller and a storage container.

Be wary when parking vehicles: Lae police

Acting metropolitan superintendent, Chief Inspector Fred Kaiwa, made the call following a number of reports of vehicles being stolen using key copies.

Kaiwa said many vehicles have been reported to be stolen in the last few months through this tactic.

Kaiwa added that police have reason to believe that there is a syndicate of criminals or specifically, car thieves, who are behind this.

He said the target areas are the main shopping centres, including Eriku and the main market.

​Minape confident to change Lae city

In a press conference today in Port Moresby, Minape said his aim is to change Lae city into a proper, regulated settlement city.

“Lae has been stagnant for the last 41 years and needs a visionary leader to move it forward.”

He said settlements have been popping up everywhere in Lae city and a regulated system of settlement is needed.

Minape added that Lae is the industrial hub of the country and needed somebody with a vision to lead the people and show them the way.

“If I am elected as an MP, the buck stops with me. I don’t want evictions in Lae.”