Lae community gets expert medical care

A Chinese Medical Team to Papua New Guinea returned to Port Moresby this week after spending the long Easter weekend in Lae City, Morobe Province providing needed medical service. 

The team of seven specialist doctors ranging from a Neurosurgeon, Urologist (Urologists diagnose and treat diseases of the urinary tract in both men and women), Neonatologist (a doctor who specializes in caring for newborns with complex or high-risk health problems) Nephrologist (specializes in treating diseases of the kidney) Oncologist, and Hepatobiliary specialists.

They were accommodated by the Chinese Community in Lae, as they delivered much-needed health care including medical specialist consultation, especially to the inclusive community of Lae city. 

Team Coordinator Zie Yujie expressed satisfaction in their first-ever visit to Lae City providing medical assistance to more than 150 participants from the Morobe Inclusive Education Resource Centre. 

Yujie said apart from the Inclusive Centre, the medical team also visited the Goodman Fielders and Leon Hardware factories in Lae providing medical assistance where needed and requested. 

She said from their visit and apart from the friendliness of Lae City, the common problem identified in the factory's visit was prolonged and excessive pain endured by the workers. 

She said malnutrition has proven to be common in the children they encountered. 

Yujie said the Chinese Medical Team is always happy and willing to provide regular visits and treatment to PNG and looks forward to another visit. 

“We are eager to communicate and collaborate with our colleagues in Papua New Guinea, and we will be passionate and responsible for the health of the people in Papua New Guinea. We will strive to promote the healthcare development in Papua New Guinea and enhance the medical technology level, while also working towards strengthening the sincere friendship between the people of China and Papua New Guinea", Yujie said on behalf of the 13th China Medical Team to PNG.

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