Police housing

Housing shortage impede police operations

Police in Manus are no exception to this despite having just over 55 officers in the province.

Even with over 55 officers, its still not enough to cover the province which has a scattered population among it islands.

“I don’t have enough Police manpower. I have only 55 plus and no new Police accommodation building to take in more Policemen/women,” says Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu.

Police families divided over house occupancy

This morning, a commotion aroused at the new barracks which saw some families fighting over some houses.

Some families who were not on the tenancy list to reside in a house had gone up to Bomana earlier this week to occupy house whilst those that were on the tenancy list missed out on getting a house.

Loop PNG talked to a family that had gone up this morning to Bomana only to find out later that their proposed home was already occupied by another family who had gone up earlier this week to claim it.

Bomana police housing occupancy woes continue

Commissioner of Police, Gari Baki told Loop PNG that it hasn’t been resolved simply because of the fact that Red Sea hasn’t handed over the buildings to the police department and that the government still owes them money.

Baki says the Police Department does not owe Red Sea any money.

“This is a project initiated by the government but is built on police land.”

The project is completed however, Eda Ranu and PNG Power have not connected power or water because Red Sea has not handed over the keys and would not allow them any access to the property.