RPNGC Northern Command

Wau-Waria gets four new police vehicles

Wau-Waria is the first district in the country to utilise the Royal PNG Constabulary’s kina-for-kina programme.

In 2020, the two provinces who utilised the scheme were Madang and Northern. The scheme was then announced in December 2023 by the Internal Security Minister, Peter Tsiamalili Jnr, who told MPs in Parliament that to build police capacity in the provinces, the Constabulary would meet kina for kina in procuring vehicles and constructing accommodation.

New police vehicles for Lae metro

Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, thanked the Police Department for purchasing these new fleet of vehicles for Lae police and the Northern Command. The Northern Command covers Morobe, Eastern Highlands and Madang. 

“Thank you to the Police Minister Peter Tsimalili Jnr, Commissioner David Manning, Deputy Commissioner Donald Yamasombi and our Assistant Commissioners for embracing our PANGU government’s vision to improve law and order in Papua New Guinea,” said Rosso. 

“Our government is focused on improving our law-and-order sector.

New police vehicles for Northern Command

Northern Command covers the provinces of Morobe, Eastern Highlands and Madang.

On friday morning, police personnel from Eastern Highlands and Madang joined their counterparts in Lae to witness the first delivery of the K26 million government-funded contract with Ela Motors, which was executed in December 2023.

The GST-free contract was for the procurement of 130 Toyota Land Cruisers for police throughout the country.