Police allegedly attempt to extort K60,000 from official

Their accomplice, an officer with the Works Department, will also be charged accordingly.

The men were apprehended today following a covert operation by the Police Internal Affairs Directorate.

Kikori District Administrator and chief executive officer to the Kikori MP, Tars Sauka, was purportedly arrested on December 24th at the Laguna Hotel after a District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) meeting.

Police reservists identified in extortion case

The K800 that was transferred to one of the suspects’ accounts was refunded by the bank back to the woman’s family who had sent it on Tuesday. However, the K500 that was allegedly extorted from the woman is being held as exhibit. The money was taken from the woman and placed into a waist bag belonging to one of the suspects which was recovered by police, said First Constable Ian Gunawi of the Central Police Public Safety Unit.


Baki issues stern warning to personnel

He has further directed police to arrest anyone involved in extortion attempts.

Commissioner Baki issued this directive following a recent incident in Hela Province where people from Poroma hijacked 10 trucks and a Toyota 10-seater belonging to Trans Wonderland Ltd (TWL) to force people from Angore to pay a K3 million compensation claim. They claimed this was for a young man killed in a car accident three years ago.