Suspects rob shop in police getup

An armed robbery took place yesterday at Kwikila in Central Province where some of the suspects, dressed in police special services division uniform, were caught on camera as they ransacked the cash register.

The armed robbery occurred at Titan Supermarket.

Eyewitnesses reported that the incident took place on Sunday, August 26th, between 5 and 6pm, whilst customers were still inside, going about their business.

Two of the suspects, in full special services uniform, were seen in the CCTV footage accosting two Asians in the shop.

They then proceeded to ransacking the cash register as well as helping themselves to flex cards and bulk smoke packets.

While Central Police are yet to release details on the robbery, Kwikila police have reportedly apprehended four suspects.

A police unit on ground confirmed the detainment of the suspects, saying a few others escaped in a vehicle.

Strong winds and heavy rain hampered their efforts in capturing them.

The total value of lost and damaged property is yet to be established.

(Screenshot of the CCTV footage)

Carmella Gware