New Ireland

Unverified Kavieng Airport claim: Treasurer

Ling-Stuckey said during formal meetings conducted with the Minister for Civil Aviation, Sekie Agisa, the National Airports Corporation CEO, Ephraim Wasem, and senior officers, he was advised that there was no legal basis for the compensation claim of K10 million for portion 49.

Similar sentiments were shared recently by the Secretary for Lands as well.

NIP approves betelnut markets, control measures

The PEC meeting on June 16 has restricted the chewing and spitting of buai at public places.

The approvals will regulate and guide the already existing betelnut policy under the New Ireland Betelnut Management Act 2013.

New Ireland will not ban buai as it is linked to their traditions and cultures. However, it will restrict sales at urban centres, in public transport, shopping centres and shops, hospitals and other public venues.

There will be total ban of betelnut chewing in all Government offices.

New cooking show on gold mining island

Island Chef is the brainchild of PNG catering and camp management company, NCS. It is in direct response to COVID-19 and is providing some light relief and entertainment to thousands of workers stuck on the remote island of Lihir. 

It showcases the best of PNG resilience as well as the skills and culinary expertise of NCS’s catering team.

How It Works

NIP Autonomy call queried

He said New Ireland wants to maintain the national unity with PNG, and so submitted to the National Government in 2018, two pieces of constitution amendment laws on the Autonomous Government for PNG.

Sir Noel said the constitution law is to insert a new part 15 in the National constitution to grant an Autonomous Government in the provinces of PNG, if and when they are ready.

Food shortage affects Namatanai secondary

The school’s principal, Leo Michael, made this known through a letter he wrote to senior executives of the Namatanai Advancement Limited (NAL) – the business arm of the Namatanai District Development Authority (NDDA) – asking for assistance to supply garden food through WFA Buying Point.

Michael said: “Due to non-payment of the Tuition Fee Free (TFF) component and provincial government not supplying rations, we request the supplement of garden food to sustain the messing while waiting for rations by the provincial government.”

NIPG to effect Road Traffic Act changes

This comes after its Provincial Executive Council meeting on the 26th of February took note of the Road Traffic Act of 2014, in particular the schedule of fees and effects of legislative changes.

Governor and PEC Chairman Sir Julius Chan directed all relevant stakeholders, including Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited and Road Transport Authority, to commence dialogue on the proposed Memorandum of Agreement between the New Ireland Government and the Road Traffic Authority.

Lihir girls eye rugby league

The event, facilitated by the Lihir International Primary School, attracted 11 teams across local schools last year, with an increased number of girls who participated under the girls division.

Kul Destiny Primary School girls coach, Rachel Daniel, who had participated with her girls’ team, said ‘women in rugby league’ in New Ireland was now growing rapidly, describing it as a ‘positive sign’.

K1.9m paid as pensions

The payments were done recently by the Provincial administration to a total of 4,692 old people.

It was all smiles and tears of joy for senior New Ireland citizens above the age of 65 and people living with disabilities in Kavieng District as they felt the passionate embrace of the Government when they received their 2018 pension delivered to their doorstep.

A total of 4,692 both males and females received their pensions with much gratitude.

The sum total of K1,995,200, inclusive of the administrative payout operation costs were paid.

Time to work for the people

“We have to work together,” said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who was recently in New Ireland Province for the opening of their two government buildings.

“We cannot continue to play politics for five years.

“Our people demand our attention. They demand our leadership.”

The PM urged all leaders, regardless of their political parties, to stand united.

About K6m for NIP buildings

“These two buildings took us almost 3-and-a-half years to build as we were over worried about costs and submitted cheap costs to the contractors,” Governor Sir Julius Chan told Loop PNG.

The Namatanai Government Haus is worth K2.5 million while the Government Official Residence Kavieng is about K3.5 million.

“And by any comparison, even today’s price, it is very cheap. If you do a building like that in Port Moresby, you’ll be very lucky to get any less than K12-15 million.