New Ireland

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Word going out about value of mangroves

The Climate Change office and the waste management section of the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) will be conducting a cleanup among the mangroves of Tuna Bay at Taurama outside Port Moresby.

New Ireland to participate in Kenu and Kundu festival in 2016

New Ireland set for 'New Ireland Day'

Previous celebrations to mark New Ireland Day coincided with Remembrance Day but this is the first time, the day will be observed as a public holiday within the province.

The Provincial Executive Council passed a decision for the Declaration of New Ireland Day, on the 27th of July every year as a public holiday.

New Ireland Day celebrates the first time in 1977 that the New Ireland Provincial Assembly met upon receiving the Provincial Government Charter. 

Simberi gold deal yields major projects

A statement from the Mineral Resources Authority says the two major projects in this line of initiatives are the construction of the Simberi business centre at Maragon on Simberi Island, and the Polytechnic and Industrial Training Institute at Fissoa, near Kavieng on the mainland of New Ireland.

The others are the upgrading of the Simberi Ring Road, construction of the Central New Ireland LLG chamber at Konos, construction of a police holding cell at Mapua and development of Simberi communal water supply and sanitation system for Simberi Island.