Sir Julius Chan

Patitab Elementary School reopens after five years

New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan visited the school on Friday 17 May 2024, declaring the provincial government’s support of K100, 000 towards building of a new double classroom and more importantly education services to the children of Ward 17 in the Lovongai LLG.

Amendments to Mining Act

Sir Julius has been proposing changes to the Mining Act Since 2010. 

Sir Julius remembers old friend, Sir Michael

Quoting American General, Douglas MacArthur, who said “Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away…”, Sir Julius said: “My friend, your role in bringing the country’s Independence dream to reality, remains etched in the hearts and minds of all Papua New Guineans. Your name will live on.”

In honouring the life and times of Sir Michael, Sir J urged all Papua New Guineans to emulate the same dedication Sir Michael and all other founding fathers had for Papua New Guinea.

Sir Julius Proposes Laws Registered as Private Member's Bills

New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan presented notice for the following bills:

Hold rumormongers accountable: Missen

Missen has called on the Cyber Crime Unit of the Royal PNG Constabulary and the Department of Information Communication and Technology to trace the rumourmongers and hold them accountable.

The Deputy Governor said Sir J is well and alive and is currently in Brisbane, Australia for his regular medical check.

When speaking to his staff recently, Sir J says he remains sharp and charismatic.

Governor Chan welcomes AROB president

President Toroama was accompanied by his wife Lady Betty Toroama and the AROB delegation.

The visiting delegation was met with a gracious reception not only from Governor Chan but also from the traditional Maimais of New Ireland, who bestowed upon them a customary chiefly welcome, signifying the importance of the occasion.

The purpose of President Toroama and his delegation's visit to New Ireland is to participate in celebrating New Ireland Day, an annual event scheduled for Wednesday, July 26th to Thursday, July 27th, 2023.

Sir J to present Land Amendment Bill in Parliament

The Bill makes provision to empower the provinces, apart from the State, to reserve land for certain purposes and compulsorily acquire land in the province.

Although power is given to the provinces to reserve land for certain purposes and compulsorily acquire land located within their provinces, the State still has the power to reserve land for certain purposes and compulsorily acquire land.

New Ireland's empowering policies

The launch of the policies took place at Kavieng Stadium. They include:

Changes to Mining Act crucial

The amendment law will change the ownership of mineral resources found within customary land from the State to customary landowners. 

PNG’s Mining Act 1992 states that “all gold and minerals in or on any land in the country are properties of the State” but that will all change with the new law, if passed. 

With amendments to the Law, customary landowners will now actively participate in the mining industry through exploration and extraction of their mineral resources. 

Give locals confidence in Solwara 1: Sir J

On top of the agenda was discussions on the submissions for Endorsement of increase in the number of Taxi Licenses Province wide, Expression of Interest by Enhance Group Seeking Interest to Establish a Central Fishing Operations and Processing Facility in New Ireland, and Gender Based Violence Against Women Policy. 

The Governor also found time to engage in dialogue with Nautilus, recently acquired by Deep Sea Mining Finance Ltd (DSMF) and Newcrest Mining Limited, on the Solwara 1 project in West Coast New Ireland.