About K6m for NIP buildings

The two newly-opened government buildings in New Ireland Province cost about K6 million.

“These two buildings took us almost 3-and-a-half years to build as we were over worried about costs and submitted cheap costs to the contractors,” Governor Sir Julius Chan told Loop PNG.

The Namatanai Government Haus is worth K2.5 million while the Government Official Residence Kavieng is about K3.5 million.

“And by any comparison, even today’s price, it is very cheap. If you do a building like that in Port Moresby, you’ll be very lucky to get any less than K12-15 million.

“So let me say, we’re not altogether finished. I would be happy if we could continue up until K4 million.

“There are a lot of things that still need to be done, like the external adornment and a lot of gardening to do.”

The Governor further revealed that they terminated the first contractor then had to secure the second one to complete the buildings.

“Once a job is stopped, it creates a lot of extraneous costs.

“We have got this building now. If we delay any longer, the price will be doubled.”

When queried on the inspiration behind the building, Sir Julius said: “From now on, my philosophy on development is that we should never do anything the same as yesterday. Not even for today.

“Everything in New Ireland now is done for tomorrow so that the future generation will not be handicapped by our ignorant vision.

“We try to look beyond our time and anything we do is for the future generation.”

Meanwhile, a number of residents questioned the benefits of the mansions.

“How would it impact our rural populace?” Loop PNG was asked.

“Why can’t the money be spent on upgrading the Kavieng town roads and degrading infrastructure?”

(The Official Government Residence Kavieng that was opened on Friday, March 16)

Carmella Gware