Lihir lit up with Solar Power

The health center, aid post, schools and churches lit up when the Contractor JWK Ltd completed installation of six 3KVA Solar System, one  5KVA Solar System, 13 Solar Street Lights and 632 Household Solar Kits on Mali and Masahet Islands.

In early January 2023, the contractor JWK Ltd will re- commence work on Mahur Island to install one 5KVA Solar System, three 3KVA Solar Systems and eight Solar Street Lights.

Acting Governor and Tikana LLG President, Sammy Missen on behalf of the NIG congratulated the Nimamar LLG for utilizing well their Special Support Grants.

Lihir’s Input To Economy Rise

Despite the difficult operating environment, Newcrest is pleased to report a continued significant contribution to the PNG economy. There has been an increase in the overall contribution to the Government revenue in the last financial year (year ending 30 June).

Newcrest contributed K80 million in corporate tax, and K203 million in additional taxes such as salary and wages tax, production levy and customs and excise taxes. For the year ending 30 June 2021, Lihir paid K99.6 million in royalties. 

New cooking show on gold mining island

Island Chef is the brainchild of PNG catering and camp management company, NCS. It is in direct response to COVID-19 and is providing some light relief and entertainment to thousands of workers stuck on the remote island of Lihir. 

It showcases the best of PNG resilience as well as the skills and culinary expertise of NCS’s catering team.

How It Works

Lihir employees pursue a second trade

This reflects Newcrest’s strong commitment to supporting career development for Papua New Guineans and aligns with the company’s ‘people’ pillar.

For these refrigeration mechanics, the opportunity to pursue a second trade will change their lives and the lives of their families and potentially have a positive impact on the operation.


Lihir CRA stakeholders receive term sheets

The term sheets, received on December 19th, 2018, outline terms of the package that Lihir Gold Limited (LGL) is offering. This is a significant milestone for the business, as it moves towards the final stages of the CRA review process.

The CRA and the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) are part of the revised Integrated Benefits Package Agreement (IBP2) reviewed in 2007.

24yo breaks into 'man’s world’ of crane operations

Regina Andalu is a contractor with business partner Placements (PNG) Limited. 

Twenty-four-year old Andalu, from Tari, has proven that PNG women are capable of becoming competent crane operators. Andalu’s results from her verification of competencies (VOC) at Lihir was impressive. 

She completed the Dogger (DG), crane non slew (CN) and slewing crane up to 100 ton (C1) VOCs with very high pass rates. Andalu completed these three assessments in four hours. 

K800,000 for eviction victims

The Lihir Mining Area Landowners Association and 114 others filed the case in September 2013 claiming damages.

Only 43 of them who produced evidence in court were granted their claims. They will be receiving payments between K39,000 and K11,000.

The National Court ordered the state to pay them K814, 500 in damages and K71,676 interest. They are to receive a total of K886,176.

New geotechnical soils lab opened

The project, which took five months to complete, included Newcrest and its business partner Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) working together to convert a run-down shelter into a state-of-the-art facility.   

The facility brings geotechnical soil testing at Lihir to another level, and is outfitted with precise calibrated, high tech equipment. Only a select few soils laboratories have the capacity to perform these advanced soil tests.

Mine anticipates rise in production

The upgrade network is part of improving and maintaining safe production and asset health in Lihir.

So far, 8.4km out of a total 11km haulage road has been upgraded.

The project involves engineered improvements to the road network by widening chicanes and narrow segments to straighter double lane sections, smoother road surface gradients.

Sports tournaments for Lihir staff

Dubbed the ‘Trupla-man, Trupla-meri’ Tournaments after its anti-violence brand, four different sports competitions will be held for the 4,500 workforce of the Lihir Mine.

During its launching, general manager mining & processing, Michael Drake, said the wellbeing of employees and business partners is fundamental to the success of the Lihir operation. This is why the management encourages and supports activities and initiatives that invest in the safety and welfare of the workforce.