Newcrest Lihir

Lihir steps up on operational sustainability

This is part of maintaining its operational sustainability and ensuring a safe and reliable service to all stakeholders in Lihir.

Lihir’s DPS generates and distributes electricity to the process plant, mine operation, Londolovit Township and the Lihirian communities.

The teams started repair work early this year and have been working together to deliver this project as part of their Transformation 2 commitment in enhancing stability in the operation.

Lihir embraces technology, innovation

One such project is the Semi-Autogenous Grinding (SAG) mills’ ball feeder project which significantly reflects Lihir’s Transformation 2 journey in reaching full potential.

Lihir’s Project & Engineering (P&E) team initiated the project in 2018 and collaborated with business partners Walz and CEQ. The aim of the project is to replace the current manual ball loading system used at the operation’s SAG mills with an automated ball loading system.

Lihir team upskilled in data control

The two-week intensive training course provided Lihirian-born senior advisor Alphonse Ama, environment specialist Augustine Kalenai, superintendent Kolish Robin, environment officers Tyrrell Sardo and Rose Mataria, environment graduate Doris Kei and advisor Nega Roga with skills on sample planning, data quality control, automated field and laboratory data loading, custom reporting configuration, dashboard creation and auto-alert email configuration.

Lihir joins global contract management association

Three Papua New Guinean employees from Lihir’s Contracts Management Process (CMP) team have obtained ‘Contract and Commercial Management Associate’ status (CCMA) from IACCM. Contracts Services & Compliance Superintendent Alplena Waho and Senior Advisors Alphonse Norrie and Sharon Ignas are the first in Lihir to achieve this status.

Inaugural Trupla Man Trupla Meri Day

With the official 2019 theme ‘The Change Factor’ and slogan #MakeItHappen, the business aims to celebrate and reflect on the TMTM journey since the program rolled out in 2015 and officially launched in May 2018.

“The upcoming event creates a significant opportunity for the business to appreciate and recognise TMTM advocates, champions and business partners who have been passionately advocating safe and positive behaviour,” said Felix Tavil, Head of Lihir’s Business Support department.

Newcrest launches clean-up campaign

The ISCORE campaign, an acronym for ‘I Sort, Clean, Organise, Regulate, Every time’ compliments Newcrest Lihir’s management operating system, which inspires a culture of operating excellence and high performance in its transformation journey. It also resonates with the Newcrest Safety and Sustainability pillar in keeping people safe and healthy and respecting communities and the environment.

Students visit Newcrest dining facilities

NCS recently hosted a group of 27 Hotel Management students from Palie Vocational School as part of the school’s annual industry excursion. In hosting this excursion, NCS aligned with Newcrest’s People pillar that empowers and develops people at all levels.

The excursion began at LSSC where Club Manager Joseph Vera welcomed the students. Vera noted that the excitement of the day was mutual because the in-house culinary team was also eager to share their skills with students interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.

Environmental dive team back in the water

The team is responsible for deploying and retrieving sediments tubes -that act as traps- fastened to coral reefs at locations all around Lihir operation and the surrounding islands.

These traps sit on the seabed and collect settling particles of sand, silt and other suspended solid material from the water column. The dive team removes the traps every three months and replaces them with new traps. They analyse contents of the old tubes at the site’s laboratory.

Newcrest Lihir rolls out paper straws

Plastic straws can only be used once, but it takes 200 years to break down in the environment.

Previously, the operation was using 100,000+ plastic straws monthly for alcohol testing. But with paper straws, the number of straws used monthly is now being reduced because an employee can now use a paper straw several times before it can be disposed.

Lihir’s Purchasing Coordinator, Liz Rogers, said the paper straws were trialed on site months ago to assess how they work.

Lihir operation sets up radio station

Lihir’s 91.5 FM transmits 300 Watts and has the capacity to capture and empower approximately 60 percent of listeners with information on development issues relating to economy, education, health and safety, announcements or ‘toksave’ and entertain them through music and inspirational dramas and stories.

It is fully funded by Newcrest Lihir and managed by the Communication and Public Affairs (CPA) department. Radio Station Senior Advisor, Roseanne Kulupi, leads the CPA team in broadcasting live four hours every day.