Lihir Gold Limited

Lihir CRA stakeholders receive term sheets

The term sheets, received on December 19th, 2018, outline terms of the package that Lihir Gold Limited (LGL) is offering. This is a significant milestone for the business, as it moves towards the final stages of the CRA review process.

The CRA and the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) are part of the revised Integrated Benefits Package Agreement (IBP2) reviewed in 2007.

Newcrest Lihir explains royalty breakup

Royalties were paid by Newcrest Lihir (Lihir Gold Limited) to the New Ireland Provincial Government (NIPG), the Nimamar Local Level Government (NLLG) which the Lihir group of islands come under, and traditional block owners of the Special Mining Lease (SML) area of Lihir mine. 

In a statement, Newcrest said NIPG received 50 percent of the royalties which equates to K340 million while the NLLG was paid K203 million (30 percent) and the block Owners or landholders of the SML were paid K135 million

Graduates upskilled in Newcrest conference

Graduate metallurgist Michelle Maiti and graduate surveyor Joseph Omai were among fellow graduates from other Newcrest sites, particularly Telfer and Cadia, who had attended the conference. 

Newcrest Lihir’s Graduate Development Program and talent senior advisor, Adlyn Nagwi, who had accompanied the graduates to Melbourne, said the conference gave Maiti and Omai the opportunity to learn, participate in discussions and establish a network with other graduates. 

​Local makes history at mine

From Misima in Milne Bay Province, Ealedona is a seasoned mining engineer with over 22 years of experience in the industry both in PNG and abroad. 

In a statement, Newcrest PNG says: “His appointment marks an important milestone in Newcrest’s commitment to increase participation from the communities in which Newcrest operates, to build local skills and support community development.”

LGL begins support to island community

LGL recently donated a stretcher to the Palie Health Centre, which will complement the health centre’s ambulance services on the island community.

Specialist projects Clement Kaia said the ERT is keen on working together with the community in responding to emergencies as part of delivering assistance to rural areas.

He was accompanied by ERT training officer Max Chris and Emergency Officer Julie Piong to deliver the stretcher.

Miner wants kids to be tough in pursuing goals

Lihir Gold Limited Superintendent-Mine Safety, Leo Kola, stated this when the company recently supported the schools car wash fundraising activity to support their biannual trip to Brisbane this year.

Kola and a team from the company brought in a Light Mine Vehicle from the mine pit to the school during the fundraiser.

“The kids had to wash the mud down and in the process realise that mining is a tough and dirty job.

“Hopefully this experience will empower them to be tough in pursuing their goals as students,” said Kola.

LGL presents training plan

Delivered through the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations, the plan contains reports on the NewSafe Leadership Program and the coaching for High Performance Programs.

These include Cost of training (2014-2017), Training data for the next three years (2014-2017), Training undertaken (2014-2017), Training priorities and Needs for the company (2017-2020), HIV AIDS policy, Apprenticeship Training and Trade test entries.

Lihir business development re-opens

The reopening of the office, which has been in hibernation for the last eight years, is seen by Lihirians as a step in the right direction to assist locals setup and operate successful business during and after mine life.

Lihir Gold Limited human resource officer, Mathilda Lusan, said the change was needed to help all Lihirians.

“As a young Lihirian, I strongly agree that business development is reverted to Newcrest to help landowners set up businesses here for the benefit of our future generation and for life after the mine.