New Ireland Province

New NIP PPC takes reins

A handover-takeover ceremony was held yesterday, with Nebanat outlining that May of this year would have marked his two years in the province since taking up the PPC post.

“It has been a year and nine months since taking office and I must say that it was an honour for me to have served the people of New Ireland,” he stated.

“As a matter of fact, it has always been my desire to come back and serve in the province since joining the force.

NIP adamant about autonomy

To achieve political, financial and administrative autonomy, the province has developed two important constitutional laws to chart the way forward.

Governor Sir Julius Chan said important constitutional laws were endorsed by the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) in 2012.

They are; the Constitution Amendment Law on the Autonomous Government and Organic Law on the Autonomous Governments.

Sir Julius is calling on the National Government to approve the 2019 Autonomy submissions for the three pilot provinces; East New Britain, Enga and New Ireland.

Sir J condemns rise in criminal activities

During a special government situation group meeting on Friday 20th January, he called on the Police force in the province to use whatever force necessary to catch the criminals and contain the law and order situation.

“Do not leave any stones unturned. Arrest all of them and make them pay for the pain and loss they have caused. If it means severe punishment, then so be it. We must never normalize the actions of these animalistic criminals. No criminal is welcome in New Ireland,” said Sir Julius.

Marijuana plants uprooted in Namatanai

This follows a 7 days operation which ended on Friday 13 January 2023. This was a grace period to allow those involved to uproot plants with the support of community leaders. After the grace period, police will be involved and any plants found not uprooted, then arrests will be made.

From the 680 marijuana plants, 34 were matured enough and ready for sale while the rest were young and medium plants.

Search on for missing boat and passengers

A search is on for the boat and its missing passengers. New Ireland Provincial Administrator Moses Taram said onboard the craft were two women, three minors and two operators.

The boat left Kavieng on Saturday, 07 January. They did not reach their destination.

This morning, the NIP Disaster office sent out a 25-foot boat to patrol the Tigak, Lovongai and Mussau Islands for the missing travelers.  

Kavieng host Mama Day Forum

Kavieng MP and Treasurer, Ian Ling-Stuckey was guest of honor.

Mr Ling-Stuckey reminded them that Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 10 is about reduced inequality within and amongst countries and is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in 2015.

Court Denies Bail For 40 Accused

This was due to the nature of offences committed during July 26th, when National Alliance party supporters attacked supporters of Namatanai Open’s third runner-up.

The indictable offences included armed robbery, which is out of the District Court’s jurisdiction to grant bail under Section 4 (1) b of the Bail Act.

Eight charges were laid against each offender, including armed robbery, arson, wilful damage of properties and assault, in the form of threat, grievous bodily harm (GBH), and violence.

Nasfund Welcomes New Members

These 800 members, are employees of 200 landowner companies who provide services to Newcrest Mining Limited (NML), through Lihir Business Services (LBS).

All 200 landowner companies this week received their Employer Registration Certificates, confirming their membership to Papua New Guinea’s leading superannuation provider.

Chief Executive Officer, Ian Tarutia welcomed the newly registered employers and praised the management of each entity for the responsible decision to provide a secure financial future for their employees through superannuation savings with Nasfund. 

NIP concludes security ops

New Ireland Provincial Police Commander, Felix Nebanat, highlighted this in a final briefing with the Namatanai team recently.

Nebanat said he was impressed with the high standard of professionalism displayed by every member of the joint security force, adding he was overwhelmed with the outcome of operations in general, despite minor hiccups that were swiftly dealt with to ensure the smooth running of the election process.

In a true esprit de corps nature, they served with honour and integrity to see this 2022 election for the province come to a conclusion.

Schnaubelt Re-elected

Schnaubelt was officially declared after the 16th exclusion, having polled 16, 454 votes.

His declaration was done at the Stemper hall in Namatanai town at 8pm yesterday.

Finishing second was People’s Progress Party candidate Byron Chan with 12,393 votes and second runner-up, James Seat finished with 3,936 votes.

Schnaubelt was first elected into Parliament in the 2017 National General Election.

New Ireland has declared it’s  MPs for each district and the provincial seat.