New Ireland Province

NIP Council of Elders meet

The meeting starts today, Monday, October 9th to the 11th, and will be held at the Kavieng Fisheries College, Kavieng Urban LLG, Kavieng District.

The theme of the conference is, "Strengthening Cultural Values for Greater New Ireland."

Introduced in 2009 by Governor Sir Julius Chan, the unique conference gathers representatives from all 10 LLGs to shape government policy.

NIP applauds teachers

As today is World Teachers’ Day, social services chief executive officer of the New Ireland Provincial Administration, Benson Apelis, said: “Happy Teachers’ Day to all you New Ireland teachers across our 660 schools, educating 65,889 students in 10 LLGs and 142 wards.

“We are the force that will transform New Ireland to be autonomic, self-reliant, efficient, market-oriented and internationally competitive.

“Thank you, my hardworking teachers of New Ireland.

“We may not be a subject to many but a subject to growth and development of New Ireland, PNG and humanity.

Pacific delegation immerses in New Ireland's culture

The primary aim of their trip was to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the region, gain perspective on rural ICT challenges, marvel at the breathtaking landscapes, and foster cultural connections mirroring those in their own societies.

Accompanied by representatives from esteemed organizations such as the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Huawei, Vodafone, Amazing Port Moresby, Digicel, and members of the New Ireland Provincial Government, the Pacific ICT Delegation embarked on a remarkable journey.

Inauguration of Malendok ring road

The project, aimed at fostering equitable development and improved connectivity, was met with enthusiastic support from the island's residents.

Kavieng market redevelopment discussed

The announcement was made at an information brief hosted by the Minister for Fisheries Jelta Wong and NFA CEO and technical staff in Port Moresby on Wednesday.

“The Kavieng Town Market Redevelopment has been neglected since 2007,” said the KDDA Chairman, Ian Ling-Stuckey.

He said the KDDA fully supports the NFA and Japan International Cooperation Agency's preference for the redevelopment of the Kavieng Market in its current location.

Hold rumormongers accountable: Missen

Missen has called on the Cyber Crime Unit of the Royal PNG Constabulary and the Department of Information Communication and Technology to trace the rumourmongers and hold them accountable.

The Deputy Governor said Sir J is well and alive and is currently in Brisbane, Australia for his regular medical check.

When speaking to his staff recently, Sir J says he remains sharp and charismatic.

Thrilling NIP 7s final

From Friday, August 4th to Saturday, August 5th, the venue roared with cheers as 16 teams competed under the resounding theme of "Promoting Autonomy Agenda through Sports".

The competition received a massive boost from its proud sponsor, the New Ireland Provincial Government, which provided an impressive K50,000 funding support.

Governor Chan welcomes AROB president

President Toroama was accompanied by his wife Lady Betty Toroama and the AROB delegation.

The visiting delegation was met with a gracious reception not only from Governor Chan but also from the traditional Maimais of New Ireland, who bestowed upon them a customary chiefly welcome, signifying the importance of the occasion.

The purpose of President Toroama and his delegation's visit to New Ireland is to participate in celebrating New Ireland Day, an annual event scheduled for Wednesday, July 26th to Thursday, July 27th, 2023.

Konos suspect shot by police

Charles Bruno Sepmorong, who is in his 30s, from Bungbeve Village, Namatanai District, is wanted by Konos police for break-and-enter and stealing, cultivation of marijuana, possession of dangerous marijuana, damages caused to the Konos holding cell and escaping lawful custody.

Police say he is also a threat to his immediate family after he allegedly threatened to kill his brother and parents.

Konos police reported that a call was received at 10.15pm on Monday that the suspect was at Laur Primary School in Namatanai.

Preserve Shark-Calling Tradition

The plea was made by Deputy Governor Sammy Missen during the second day of the vibrant three-day festival held at Konos Village on Monday, July 17, 2023.

The festivities commenced on Sunday, July 16, and came to a close yesterday, Tuesday, July 18th, 2023. The event was set into motion with a spectacular display of colourful traditional performances by the host community at Konos Village on Sunday night.