New Ireland Province


Newly appointed Secretary to the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs Dr Alphonse Gelu made the announcement, during his first official visit to the province. 

“The National Government through NEC Decision No.322/2021 approved for LLG Leaders to be paid fortnightly using the PNG ALESCO Payroll system,” he said.

NIP Launch Climate Resilient Plan

The event took place on Friday April 21st. It coincided with a swearing in of seven members into the Provincial Climate Change Committee.  

The program was jointly delivered by New Ireland Provincial Administration, Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) and delivery partner the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).

Provincial Administrator Lamiller Pawut, in his opening remarks, acknowledged all stakeholders for their contribution in the development of New Ireland Province’s Climate-Resilient Plan.

Immigration Breaches In Logging Camps

Within a space of three days, the team collected K1 million in fines.

Acting Provincial Administrator, Moses Taram and Chairman of the Provincial Forest Enforcement Unit said the state team found that up to 80 percent of the foreign workers did not comply with provisions of their work permits while others did not have customs clearance to work in the country.

The investigation team comprises of officers from the Immigration, Labour and the Police.

Kavieng Fire Station Gets Barracks

Guests at the opening included the First Secretary to the office of Governor, Robin Brown, Kavieng town mayor, Sikal Kelep, Local Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Thomas Noles and officials from the fire service.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer-Operation, Lua Roa said PNG Fire Service continues to carry out major rehabilitation work targeting the fourteen fire stations.

Mr Roa said it is one of the priorities of Fire Service to either rehabilitate fire stations or have new accommodations built for duty officers working shifts at the stations.

Self-Reliance Way Forward: Chan

He said New Ireland has chosen to walk the talk of self-reliance and Autonomy since 2007 and recent achievements stand testimony of the work and ability to become fully autonomous. It is also to involve women in certain local government seats.
In March of 2008, NIP Autonomy Committee was set up headed by late Stephen Mokis and worked for five years to prepare for autonomy. The committee held consultative meetings and workshops with a number of government agencies.

Kavieng Hosts HP Workshop

The workshop will start this Friday 28th January and end on Saturday 29th.

Events organized in the lead up to the Coaching workshop where the Tikana LLG Games at Nanvalus Village. Youths participated in a two day sporting event on the 25th and 26th of January.

Sports played on the day included, rugby 7s, rugby 9s, volleyball, athletics, boxing and soccer.

The sporting events in the LLG were viewed as Olympics of the Grassroots.

Protest Over Detainee’s Alleged Rape

The woman, who is the mother of a five-year-old girl, was allegedly raped by three police officers at around 2am on Monday.

Yesterday afternoon, the women leaders, including young men and women, handed the petition to the provincial administrator and a representative of the New Ireland governor.

Today, the courthouse and the provincial police commander received their copies of the petition.

Female Detainee Allegedly Gang Raped

The young woman was waiting to be transported to the Kavieng Correctional Institution when the alleged incident happened at around 2am.

Her mother said she was kept in a separate room while the male detainees were in the holding cell.

“They planned it,” the victim’s mother told this newsroom.

“She was the only female locked away in what looked like a store room.

“It’s got brick walls around so when she shouted and struggled, no one could hear from the other side.

Tides Continue In NIP

Those in the Tigak Islands, just outside of Kavieng reported ankle and shin-deep water flooding their homes and shelters.

The term king tide is commonly used to describe an especially high spring tide that occur a few times every year, when the gravitational pull of the sun and moon upon the earth is strongest.

Joanna Peter, from Leon in Djaul Island said the villages of Leon and Sununa in ward 17, Tikana LLG, the water has reached up to the shins of locals with at least one house destroyed by the rising sea.

Meteselen Rice Farming Project

Baslogo Silaunara, a local on Meteselen, is trying to help his people overcome some of these challenges through agriculture.

Silaubara undertook specialized agriculture training in East New Britain where he learned how to cultivate rice and downstream commodities like Cococa, Coffee and Cassava.

After returning home, he has been teaching the locals how to cultivate rice and process Cocoa, Coffee and Cassava.

“Now my people don’t have to travel long distances to look for rice, milo or coffee, we can make it ourselves now,” said Silaubara.