Lihir commits to training future industry leaders

Twenty-five students are spending six-weeks at Newcrest Mining Lihir’s gold operations, undergoing industrial training.

Of the 25 students, nine are from New Ireland of which three are female. There are 11 female students in this batch.              

Lihir offers a wide range of training opportunities as it embarks on identifying and recruiting the right talents, including building a healthy talent pool.

One such programme is the Industrial Training programme, which creates a safe space for students to learn and gain experience through exposure to real work scenarios and hands-on training.

This is part of Newcrest Mining Lihir’s Young Talent Program.

“We are committed to developing our talents, as we have done since the mine commenced operations,’’ Alex Rogea, Lihir’s Human Resource Manager said, when welcoming the students.

He encouraged the students to set goals and work towards achieving them.

“It’s also good to set personal goals and plans to where you want to be in life, and work according to your plan and your goals. Build relations and your networking, as this will come in very handy.”

Industrial trainee, Kathleen Aruma completed her studies last year and will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mineral Processing Engineering from the PNG University of Technology (PNGUoT).

She is attached to the Metallurgy section under the Process Plant department.

“This is my second time on the Industrial Training Program; I was here last year for a period of six weeks. I am currently four weeks into this year’s Industrial training program, and it’s been just as fun as the first time,” Kathleen said.    

“I was mostly excited about joining the program because I had heard about the exposure such training provides. That is exposure to such a diverse workforce and at one of the world’s largest gold mines.”

Information about the program caught Kathleen’s attention at a career roadshow, where she made a swift decision to apply straight away.

“I knew I was going to learn so much not only in the metallurgical/process engineering space but in other fields as well.”             

The industrial training program creates a complete career pathway for the trainees from the university level to being a graduate development trainee, and on to a professional role at Newcrest Mining Lihir.     

The company also provides the pathway for university students, who aspire to develop a career in the mining industry.

The company is partnering with institutions such as University of PNG, Don Bosco Technological Institute, Pacific Adventist University and (PNGUoT) to source and maintain talent supply of quality professionals to meet future demands.

A total of 75 students have been through this program since its commencement three years ago. 

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