New Ireland

Mine anticipates rise in production

The upgrade network is part of improving and maintaining safe production and asset health in Lihir.

So far, 8.4km out of a total 11km haulage road has been upgraded.

The project involves engineered improvements to the road network by widening chicanes and narrow segments to straighter double lane sections, smoother road surface gradients.

Northern Governor condemns rape of minor

The victim was found dead on August 7, 2017.

A concerned Governor Juffa said we need laws to protect our children to prevent such abhorrent behaviour.

He said significant education and awareness to help children report and avoid becoming victims and serious penalties must also be done.

“I will review the laws and see what can be done to improve them for greater protection of our children,” Juffa told Loop PNG.

According to New Ireland Provincial Police Commander John Midi, the three suspects are now in police custody awaiting court hearing.

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Gamato approved a dead man’s signature

The PNG Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, has accepted an Election Writ signed by a deceased returning officer.


Gamato comes clear on using deceased’s name

PNG's New Ireland hit by 6.7 quake

The quake measured 6.7 on the Richter scale and was at a depth of 33 kilometres.

RNZI reports the Tsunami Warning Centre says there is no threat of a Pacific wide tsunami.


​Kavieng polling underway

However, as experienced by other electorates in the country, some of the residents’ names were not on the common roll.

“It is still too early to tell whether most, or just some, of the residents have been excluded on the roll,” Kavieng returning officer, Yuyu Lasbut, told Loop PNG.

She says polling materials were successfully distributed during the weekend, hence the smooth start.

Voting for the province will end on July 3.

New Ireland refuses to sign agreement with State

Deputy Governor and Chairman of the Natural Resources in the Provincial Executive Council, Ambrose Silul, said: “We in New Ireland are sick and tired of being misled, of being lied to, by the State Team negotiating the new Memoranda of Agreement for both Simberi and Lihir Gold Mines. We insist that the State keep its word, and until it does the New Ireland Government will not sign any new MoA.”

He said the New Ireland Team had been renegotiating the Simberi MoA for over four years. 

​Lihir students gearing for national haus krai

The event will be held at Londolovit Town on May 12.

The National Haus Krai, which is an event held annually to remember victims of gender-based violence and to call for an end to all forms of violence against women and girls, is aimed at raising the issues of gender based violence among young people.

Organising committee co-chairs Shadrich Kwa and Evelyn Kokon, students at the LRC, said they are both excited and are looking forward to hosting the event for the first time.

PEC cancels Public servants Day in New Ireland


The ‘Day’ which was annually observed on August 23 will not be the case this year as per the PEC meeting on April 18, 2017.

Governor Sir Julius Chan who is also the chairman said the cancellation was due to illegal protests and strikes carried out by disgruntled public servants in New Ireland a fortnight ago.

“These Public Servants have been unprofessional, unproductive, incompetent and demonstrated complete ignorance and negligence of their responsibility to the people,” Sir J said.

Sir Julius nominates for the 11th time

Sir Julius nominated to contest the national elections for the eleventh time.

This makes Sir J one of only two longest serving members of parliament marking more than 40 plus years in politics to date.

Sir J first entered politics in 1968 in the second House of Assembly.

The 2017 national elections would be the third time nomination for the New Ireland Provincial Seat for Sir J who first contested this seat in 2007 and won.

Sir Michael says current political trend too weak

Speaking at his farewell ceremony organised by New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan on Tuesday, Sir Michael said leaders in past governments always work together to unite the people of the country and not to create divisions.

“We always have this in our heart and mind to put our people first and to unite them despite our cultures and different languages.

“We strive and take heed of our fellow leaders’ advice and always put our country first,” said Sir Michael.

He added that young leaders sometimes disobeyed advice which always leads to wrong directions.