Garry Juffa

Juffa visits Embogo High School

This was in response to mounting concerns raised by concerned citizens and echoed in recent media reports regarding the deteriorating state of facilities at Embogo High School in the Northern Province, the Oro Provincial Government has taken swift action to address the situation. 

Committees pursue common Interests

Tambua and Garry Juffa, Oro Governor and Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery, have pledged to work together.

He thanked outgoing chairman, John Pundari for his efforts to keep the committee active since 2017.

In a joint press statement, both parties highlighted common interests in their committees’ respective missions and outlined their collaboration as follows:

Power outages attributed to outstanding bills

State Owned Enterprise Minister, Sasindran Muthuvel, said this when responding to questions raised by Northern Governor, Garry Juffa, at today’s Parliament sitting.

Governor Juffa questioned the State Owned Enterprise Minister over the constant power outages over the last two weeks.

He said it was affecting everyone.

“Em i afectim bisnis, gavman na laif,” Juffa stated.

Over the last two weeks, PNG Power has conducted a load shedding exercise to ration fuel stocks.

New KTOA President announced

Juffa welcomed Fitcher’s appointment, saying he was looking forward to working closely with the KTOA to advance the industry. “I congratulate Sue on her appointment and am looking forward to working closely with her, along with the other members of the KTOA, in working towards a sustainable future for the PNG Tourism industry.” Juffa said.

Concerns over Agriculture Funds

He made the comment sighting K750 Million under the National Agriculture Development Project that was squandered in 2012 by implementing bodies. 

Whilst Juffa applauded the Government for hosting the first ever Agriculture summit, however he called for guarantee that the same people who squandered K750 Million in Agriculture funds must not be allowed to handle any new monies meant for the sector.

He also called on the Government to look into the Oil Palm Industry Corporation issue, specifically for small holder Oil palm growers in his province.

Northern Governor condemns rape of minor

The victim was found dead on August 7, 2017.

A concerned Governor Juffa said we need laws to protect our children to prevent such abhorrent behaviour.

He said significant education and awareness to help children report and avoid becoming victims and serious penalties must also be done.

“I will review the laws and see what can be done to improve them for greater protection of our children,” Juffa told Loop PNG.

According to New Ireland Provincial Police Commander John Midi, the three suspects are now in police custody awaiting court hearing.

Extract positive lessons from situations: Juffa

“We don’t look at situation as mistakes or tragedies but look at them as educational moments and try to extract the positive out of those situations.”

He said even the most negative situation can become educational and positive.

Juffa made these remarks when speaking to his people in Popondetta town before the swearing in of the three Northern MPs.

He made reference to the past leaders where the two open MPs did not work alongside him to bring tangible services to the people of Oro.

VIDEO: Juffa Welcomes O'Neill

PNC Party Leader Peter O'Neill has indicated he will be in the province to open the brand new state of the art Operating theatre at the Popondetta General Hospital.


Juffa calls on Labour boss to step down

Juffa alleged that Morola had been sleeping in office and allowing illegal practices to happen right in front of her eyes.

He claimed that an officer attached to the department has been illegally issuing work permit to foreigners who have never spoken a word of English.

Juffa said even though English is a prerequisite for the work permit, the named officer continues to issue work permits and receive bribes.

He added that most jobs done by these expatriates, especially Asians, can be done by local people.

Manus refugee deported from Fiji

The refugee, Loghman Sawari, 21 from Irania fled to Fiji using a PNG passport and had misleading information on his Immigration Arrival Card.

According to Radio New Zealand International,  Sawari was taken to the Nadi International Airport Departures Area after police and immigration intercepted the vehicle he was in with his lawyer, Aman Ravindra-Singh, this morning.

The pair were to meet with the Immigration Director Nemani Vuniwaqa.