Bail application

Pang Released On K10,000 Bail

In handing down the ruling this morning, Friday 26 November 2021, Magistrate Garry Ungo, said the decision was made after consideration of submissions from the prosecutor and the defence lawyer.

Simon Nutley from Fiocco and Nutley Lawyers submitted on Wednesday 24th November that his client needed medical treatment from a psychiatric for bipolar.

Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression, is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (mania) and lows (depression).

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Gamato approved a dead man’s signature

The PNG Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, has accepted an Election Writ signed by a deceased returning officer.


Gamato comes clear on using deceased’s name

Another night behind bars for Kulang

His bail application has been filed at the Goroka National Court.

The former MP for Kundiawa-Gembogl was charged with two counts; one count for unlawful killing under section 299 of the Criminal Code Act and the other count for taking part in a riot, under section 65 of the Criminal Code Act.

Kulang made an appearance at the Goroka Committal Court on Wednesday for his first mention.

Presiding Magistrate, Gerald Wetunawa, however adjourned the matter to the 18th of August to allow police to compile the necessary files.

Bail decision for deported refugee pending

Sawari is the refugee who was deported to PNG on Friday February 3 from Fiji. He went to court proposing bail to be granted at K500.

 He was transported to the CIS facility at Bomana soon after the court hearing, where he will be remanded in separate confinement till Tuesday.

He was remanded at the Boroko Police station holding cell on Thursday night. The cell is currently undergoing renovation and police allowed for him to be confined there for only one night.

Deported refugee bail application adjourned to Friday

Loghman Sawari appeared at the Boroko District Court today with his lawyer before Magistrate Alex Kalandi.

His bail application which was filed and served on police prosecution late on Wednesday afternoon was adjourned to Friday because prosecution was not ready to respond to the application.

Prosecution indicated they are opposing bail and will need time to file a proper response for the court’s consideration.

Airport heist “insider” seeks bail

Alex Una, 38-years-old from Londari village, Rigo, Central Province and his lawyer went before Justice Panuel Mogish on Friday with a bail application which the court reserved its ruling to Monday.

Una’s bail application was on the grounds of his medical condition. He has Tuberculosis and his lawyer highlighted in court that his medical condition has “worsened” since he was diagnosed in Oct 2016.

 He was arrested and charged with armed robbery and has been in remand at Bomana since Nov last year.

Parker to ask Supreme Court for bail

The 43-year-old is from Minj, Jiwaka Province. He was arrested and charged with the willful murder of his chief aircraft engineer, 54 year old Lapan Nason from New Ireland Province on June 6 at Gorobe Street, Badili.     

His lawyers filed a bail application in the Supreme Court on Nov 8 seeking bail on the ground he has hypertension and needs urgent medical attention.

Parker’s lawyer went before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia this morning for the Supreme Court directions hearing where a hearing date for the bail application was fixed.

Piracy attack accused asks court for bail

Boge Madaha is detained at the Waigani Police station holding cell after he was arrested and charged by police with piracy and murder.

He went before Justice Panuel Mogish today with his lawyer asking the court for bail. A decision on the bail application will be made in court on Friday.

Madaha was one of three suspects who surrendered to police on Aug 23 and was arrested and charged in relation to the attack and murder of 35-year-old man, Heni Heni.

Kange seeks bail for safety

Kange has been remanded at Bomana since September and is now pleading that he is at risk of being attacked by other prisoners.

He went before a three-man Supreme Court bench today with his lawyer from Young and Williams, Greg Sheppard.

A decision on that bail application has been reserved to a later date.

Sheppard told the court that threats have been issued against Kange by other remandees at Bomana which Correction service officers are aware.

Kange seeks bail in Supreme Court

Lawyer and businessman Felix Kange will go before a three man Supreme Court Bench on September 1 for his bail application.

He was arrested and charged for one count of murder and one count of escaping lawful custody. It is alleged he shot his wife, the late Regina Morove on the night of May 14 at their family residence at Garden hills. An act he claims to be an accident.

The bail application date was fixed today during a Supreme Court hearing. Kange has been refused bail twice at the National Court.