Hill House staff shot dead

According to eyewitnesses, the deceased known only as Mr Ani of Asian origin, was returning from the bank when he met his fate.

Eyewitnesses said Mr Ani was driving into the building carpark when four men emerged from a grey Sedan that was following closely behind, and one of the suspects shot the unsuspecting Mr Ani, through the driver’s window at close range. He died instantly. The suspects fled the scene after they removed valuable items from Mr Ani’s car.

Two more criminals killed

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel told this newsroom that the criminals broke into BNBM Hardware store, RMI, Commodore Bay and many others along the main road.

He added that the provincial administration is meeting with the Provincial Police Commander today and will issue directives for the next cause of action.

Meantime, the Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Peter Baki has asked all business houses, schools and markets to close their doors today.

Armed suspects killed at Tokua

Guards reported that at around 4am, three buses dropped off students from the University of Natural Resources and Environment for their flights out of East New Britain Province.

Whilst waiting for the terminal to open, Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Joseph Tabali, said a group of men numbering around 15 discharged a shot from a homemade gun and attempted to rob the students.

The students retaliated and during the scuffle, one of the suspects, a 17-year-old male from Buka and Duke of York Island, was killed.

Alcohol-related deaths reported in NCD

Those three include a killing at Gerehu stage three, another at Six-Mile and one at Badihagwa.

The incidents occurred on Saturday, June 20th, with the arrest of suspects in the Gerehu and Six-Mile incidents.

“Badihagwa suspects still outstanding,” reported police.

A man also passed away on Saturday from injuries sustained during a fight with students from the Port Moresby Technical College. He died at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Acting Commissioner condemns police officer’s killing

He has directed additional police reinforcements and detectives to Tari to investigate the shooting.

He said the killers must be arrested and the stolen police issued firearms recovered.

Manning brushed aside suggestions that this could have been payback killing for the alleged police shootings at Erima in the National Capital District.

Wife killed over K20

The court described the incident as a killing for “no good reason”.

The Waigani National Court today sentenced Felix Ben, of Ihu, Gulf Province, to serve 30 years in hard labour, over the murder of his young wife, who was also expecting their first child at the time. 

On the evening of 23 December 2018, Ben while intoxicated had an argument with his wife over a K20 that went missing from her bilum.

The court heard that the subsistence farmer took an axe and struck a blow to his wife’s head, causing her to bleed profusely.

Judge suggests law against polygamous marriage

This was echoed in the Waigani National Court by a judge who sentenced a woman to 15 years in prison for killing another woman who was also married to her husband.

On June 4th, 2016, Engan woman Serah James killed one of her husband’s wives at the Erima Wildlife, in Port Moresby.

Prosecution asked for a sentence term of between 25-30 years in jail for the offence, but the court sentenced James to 15 years in jail yesterday, for taking another person’s wife.

Kokopo cops found guilty

The policemen received a tip off of marijuana being cultivated at the deceased, Wesley Kenny’s block.

During the search, the deceased was severely beaten up by the officers. As a result, he sustained life threatening injuries which subsequently led to his death.

Joe Ngotngot, Eric John, Jack Bemau and David Haro pleaded not guilty when their case went for trial before Acting Judge David Susame.

They denied assaulting the deceased and inflicting injuries on him.

Evidence from prosecution did not prove a wilful murder case but that of manslaughter.

Kikori community hosts blood ritual

The traditional ritual is performed when a relative dies.

The ceremony was held at the right wing of the Koki Fish Market.

The family is mourning the loss of two brothers; one killed in cold blooded murder and the other in prison for the death of his brother.

One of the elders explained to the public and the Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko, who was there to witness the ceremony, that the “blood ceremony” is to wash away the deceased’s blood that had spilled on the murder site. 

Madang Governor’s son killed

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector Ben Neneo, confirmed the killing is yet to get a full report on the incident.

PPC Neneo further said police are yet to establish the motive behind the incident.

Meantime, the father of the deceased, Governor Peter Yama, has condemned the killing of his son.

He said the manner in which his son was killed was gruesome and he believed it was meant for him.

He added that his son, who was mentally unstable, did not deserve to be killed in such a manner.