Madang unrest

Madang situation restored

According to the Madang Open Member Bryan Kramer, the body of the teacher has been repatriated back to Ialibu courtesy of the Madang authority and the Madang provincial government.

For now the focus will be on the burial of the four Madang youth that were killed.

The member says that the bodies of the youth are currently at the morgue undergoing autopsies following directions from the coroner’s office.

The bodies will be released back to the families and after a month, following removal of the Hauskrai’s, a memorial will be arranged to acknowledge their deaths.

PPC defends officers

Three youth were shot at Gum Bridge, outside of Madang town, while another was killed at Four-Mile during the recent unrest.

PPC Neneo said his officers were retaliating to save one of their colleagues, who was attacked by the locals.

He clarified that the police officer, who was from that area, was driving to Madang town from his village when that incident happened.

Settler dies during alleged forced Madang eviction

This was a spill over from the protest by locals over being bullied in their own land.

The deceased, who was quite sick at that time, tried to escape when he heard police gunshots, but fell down a steep slope and died instantly.

They said on April 9 police came into the settlement, ordering everyone to pack up and get ready to board PMVs that would take them to their province of origin, mostly in the highlands region.

Personnel to be deployed for Madang unrest: Wong

This was confirmed by Police Minister Jelta Wong today.

This will boost manpower on ground to deal with the current tense situtaion that followed a standoff between youth and police on Saturday. 

The personnel are expected to depart at 10pm tonight and reach Madang by first light.

They have briefed them on tactics to use at tree felling locations and rules of engagement.

Wong said from their assessment tomorrow morning, they will decide whether or not to request air support for surveillance and insertion to certain locations in the province.